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(archeology) a heap of earth placed over prehistoric tombs

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A non-megalithic grave (F) was dug into the existing tumulus between Dolmen II and Grave B.
A on Sunday that they found two skulls from Hittite period, and seals from Neolithic period in Yumuktepe tumulus which was one of the oldest settlement areas of Anatolia.
Likewise, in Lisam al-Arab, the term 'tasniym' (11) refers to a tumulus elevated from ground level in a sinoid shape and is etymologically related to the term for camel hump ('sinam' (12) from the root 'snm' (13)) (Ibn Manzur [1981]).
Sculptures and statuettes unearthed at Cafer Tumulus, which disappeared under water after a dam was built, are also on display at the museum.
A further report of youths playing with fireworks was made on the Saturday, when another resident of Tumulus Avenue called the police after seeing a gang.
Over the past six years since the excavations first began in the area, archaeologists have managed to dig 13 meters down the tumulus, which dates back 5,000 years, and have discovered five cultural layers.
The largest tumulus, Tumulus X, measured 90m in diameter and concealed a honeycombed network of mudbrick walls (Figure 4).
2- A museum in the shape of tumulus, built by the Japanese government in Kaman town of central Kirsehir province, will be handed over to Turkish Culture Ministry at a ceremony.
But now Mohammed, of Tumulus Avenue, Walker, Newcastle, has won an appeal to have his sentence cut by one third.
KAYSERI, Apr 1, 2009 (TUR) -- A museum in the shape of tumulus was built by the Japanese government in Kaman town of central Kirsehir province.
More than this, the construction of a tumulus in a landscape transforms a particular space into place (Tuan 1977).
Tumulus burials around Mont Lassois are analysed in detail, and in each case there are authoritative and useful discussions of the burial types represented.
Mr Ferguson, 67, of Tumulus Avenue, Walkergate, said: "Since he reached the age of 18, immigration decided that it is safe for him to return to Afghanistan.
I particularly enjoyed the discussion of the kofun period, which begins with the huge mausolea assigned to early emperors such as Ojin and Nintoku--the 280-m long Hashihaka tumulus, for example, being one of the largest monuments of the ancient world.
Proud mum Sarah Philipson, 30, of Tumulus Avenue, Walker, said: "People always used to say she was a bonny, so I thought I'd give it a go.