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The large lease brings closure to a decade of tumultuousness surrounding the 425,000-square-foot Cass Cilbert-designed building.
The tumultuousness of the decade has made it a popular period of study among Canadian social, labour, economic, and political historians, as well as popular historians such as Pierre Berton and James Gray.
Just as a calm person can be a calming influence in a tumultuous environment in virtue of their calmness, resisting chaos through the application of their calm disposition, so, too, reason calms and moderates the tumultuousness of the passions.
Although such statements certainly played on the old, familiar themes of capitalism versus communism--of greedy factory bosses urging workers to work beyond their capacity while refusing to share in the resulting financial bounties--a new element was now introduced: the notion of a calm and quiet life, removed from the tumultuousness of both 1968 politics and late 20th-century capitalism.
In short, the very tumultuousness of the period expresses a political urgency and commitment seemingly profoundly distanced from contemporary apathy.
When the Democrats, in 1996, returned to ChicagoAa the site of their 1968 disasterAa gallons of ink were spilled about whether history would repeat itself, as though the problem had been Chicago itself rather than the general tumultuousness of 1968.
Mark Moyar's Triumph Forsaken is testimony to the continuing tumultuousness of the Vietnam War's historiography.
Both works contain beautiful slow movements - the first an almost sinister prelude to a shake-out finale; the second, with a refreshingly singing intense serenity leading to a conclusion, shot through from the outset with the rodeo-like tumultuousness of America's late godfather of classical, Aaron Copland.
It's the voice of a woman trying to survive the tumultuousness of the times; because she was Davis's wife, she became the First Lady of the Confederacy when the Southern states withdrew from the Union.
Though she shares the optimism found in the Manpower survey, she's also mindful that the tumultuousness of the geopolitical climate could quash any hiring booms.