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  • adj

Synonyms for tumid

filled up with or as if with something insubstantial

Synonyms for tumid

ostentatiously lofty in style

abnormally distended especially by fluids or gas

of sexual organs


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Tumid LE was first described by Erich Hoffman in 1909.5 However, comprehensive criteria for definition of this condition remained elusive until Alexiades-Armenakas et al.6 reported a series of 15 tumid LE patients.
Shell medium-sized to large (88.2 mm of maximum shell height and 120 mm of maximum shell length), equivalve, inequilateral, gibbose and very tumid. Outline completely trigonal with a very acute prosogyrous umbo.
The role of autoantibodies in DLE is less clear, and patients with tumid LE frequently do not have demonstrable serum autoantibodies.
One straightforward indicator of tumid lupus is the CD4:CD8 ratio.
For fish caught in June, average growth rate was 1.06 mm/d and 0.63 tumid in the GLOBEC and plume study areas, respectively.
With masculinity so vitiated, Boccaccio's foolish, emasculated husbands and his tumid, fecund friars are finally no different, despite the illusion, in the context of male competition, that one force has triumphed over the other.
easing my friend up across his tumid belly and onto his lap?
While the Bannatyne Club published the catalogue of Scott's library under the less tumid title Catalogue of the Library of Abbotsford (1838), Scott's identification of his antiquarian life with his literary fabrication suggests more than a playful in-joke for this possible self-image.
Earlier empiricists such as William Harvey had said that, as a reader, all you could get was a "tumid and floating opinion...never a solid and infallible knowledge." Boyle, by contrast, claims that readers can obtain "as distinct an Idea" from reading as they could in conducting their own experiments.
Only a flicker Over the strained time-ridden faces Distracted from distraction by distraction Filled with fancies and empty of meaning Tumid apathy with no concentration....
your tumid diction, your monotonous jingle of periods, will be still more exposed & scouted than they have been.
Sprouting herbs,(c) and tumid flowers,(d) Breezy mounts, and leafy bowers, Engage my pensive thought;(e) Fanning zephyrs, spicy gales, Painted valleys, flow'ry vales, My raptur'd fancy caught.
Both the tumid style and the determination to find a woman under every artefact are in keeping with the tenor of classical studies in America; but the timeless and universal law in all fields is that a scholar writes best when he has most to say.
He preferred "Pope's pure strain" rather than "simple Wordsworth," whom he called "that mild apostate from poetic rule." He mocked "gentle Coleridge" for his obscurity and his "turgid ode and tumid stanza." He saw Wordsworth and Coleridge not as great innovators but as timid, mediocre poets who wrote about character and incidents too commonplace to merit poetic treatment.
Thorax punctate; precoxal portion of prosternum equal in length to postcoxal portion, procoxal cavities contiguous, 1.8 times as long as precoxal portion; postocular lobes of prosternum with long vibrissae mesocoxal cavities widely separated, metasternum tumid; metepisternum quite narrow.