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a farm dumpcart for carrying dung


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For example, he makes sure that the description of Svetlogub's procession on his chariot (kolesnitsa), rather than the ugly prison tumbrel (povozka), through the morning streets--which fill with sympathetic, pitying, and contemptible onlookers--toward the gallows imitates Golgotha.
Chalked in a back-slanting hand on the slate-board behind her are the words "gutter" and "tumbrel." Merek sits near the back of the classroom.
The borough accounts also refer to it as a gumstool or a tumbrel, and they record frequent repairs to the device throughout the 17th and 18th century.
The bishops may think they hear the tumbrel rolling to their door, but most Catholics have seen enough of life to accept the need for patience and care in assessing the nature of this problem.
A good friend of hers, Sophie Grandchamp, acceded to her request and stood at a prearranged spot so that she could bear witness to Manon's steadfast and heroic demeanor in the tumbrel on the way to the guillotine.
There they have to deal with a madwoman bearing torches (Cassandra) and are jostled aside by a tumbrel carrying Helen of Troy.
waiting beside a rickety wooden tumbrel to take me off to the guillotine." Other accusers were "old political enemies ...
Where would you most likely be two words, allegedly heard for if you were in a tumbrel during French revolution?
Newcastle auctioneers Anderson & Garland will conduct the sale of a 1920 harvest waggon pounds 200-pounds 300; a 1910 market cart pounds 300-pounds 400; a 1900 Victoria pony phaeton pounds 500-pounds 1,000; a 1900 game cart pounds 300-pounds 500; a 1900 rally cart pounds 500-pounds 700; a 1920 tumbrel cart pounds 100-pounds 200; a 1916 governess cart pounds 300-pounds 500 and an American viceroy cart, pounds 300-pounds 500.
Dulceata apart, there is two-year-old speed throughout the first six generations as she traces directly to the 1948 champion two-year-old Ballisland via Cake, a half-sister to the tough, stakes-winning two-year-olds Flower Drum and Tumbrel.
Instead of a one-way trip in a tumbrel, Sade is transferred to a former convent, Picpus, the late-18th century equivalent of a country club prison.
Or perhaps, for the more easily frightened, withdrawal behind closed curtains in hopes that the tumbrel will pass by one's dwelling one more time.
I thought Best Mate would probably get beat yesterday and, after walking the course in the morning, so did Knight, who had reconciled herself to defeat and for whom the next few hours must have been like a long rumble in the tumbrel towards the guillotine.
As you finish this, I'm clambering into the tumbrel.
Sommer is a lifelong Democrat who had ambitions of unleashing a multimedia attack on Hyde's hypocrisy on the theory that this would stall the impeachment tumbrel (he also wanted Paul Newman, a Nation partner, to read a screenplay he had written; he was told we could not help him).