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Synonyms for tumbling

the gymnastic moves of an acrobat

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Pocket, looking off her book for a moment, "everybody's tumbling!"
"And if you keep it under your skirts like that, who's to help tumbling? Here!
Thus I made the second discovery on that first occasion, that the nurture of the little Pockets consisted of alternately tumbling up and lying down.
REDCAR Gymnastics Club has a British Tumbling Champion and silver medallist following the British National Development Plan Championships recently.
Durham City was named North of England Club of the Year for its outstanding results in tumbling at regional, national and international level as well as Tumbling Club of the Year.
The World Cup in Trampoline and Tumbling was held on February 16-17 in Baku at the National Gymnastics Arena.
But the other two are left helpless as the man just can't handle the weight of the appliance, and he's sent tumbling over the wall and into the garden, knocking his head as he falls.
Springers Tumbling, Beginning - For homeschoolers ages 6 to 10.
Head Tumbling Coach, Chris Porter, is particularly special, always structuring his sessions to ensure all gymnasts have the opportunity to enjoy their sport while training at the peak of their ability, whether it be coaching in local schools or national level, using his lifetime dedication to the sport of tumbling.
It has a specially designed blower and inverter speed control with the high efficient heat exchanger to ensure even and strong air flow to perform perfect tumbling. High production capacity up to 7-8 tons per day can be achieved from one 2.4 meters working width machine.
In short, it is a challenge to design intake ports that can deliver enough air for the engine to produce the required horsepower level, while at the same time setting up a strong tumbling motion that can be converted into small-scale turbulence to support fast and stable combustion.
The brake motor allows the tumbling V-cone or double cone vessel to safely decelerate to a complete stop at the proper upright position.
TUMBLING LUCA Carey from Holmfirth is making his mark at national level in tumbling.
There are various methods (tumbling, blade tenderization, massaging, etc) used to accelerate marinade solution penetration into the meat products.
After tumbling many times, car hardly stopped by hitting the trees.