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any of various dung beetles

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We thought the tumblebug was the work of some genius.
Spray with Tumblebug from around now and repeat twice at three weekly intervals.
Next April and May spray with an insecticide such as Tumblebug to kill adults before they lay their eggs.
To control, remove as many as possible by scrubbing with a toothbrush, soaked in methylated spirits, and spray with Bio Long-last or Murphy Tumblebug.
THE most effective way to control scale on shrubs is to spray the leaves with a systemic insecticide, such as Tumblebug, which is absorbed by the plant and remains there in the sap ready to kill any feeding pests.
The logging would occur on scattered roadside strips totaling almost 500 acres in the area burned by the Tumblebug Fire in 2009.
Among the roads that will be shut down is a portion of Forest Service Road 2144, which runs through the area burned during the 2009 Tumblebug fire.
"This is how Tumblebug grew last year which is why we were working so hard last week to try to respond to the fires," she said, referring to the 2009 blaze that consumed nearly 15,000 acres of national forest southeast of Oakridge.
This is the scene at the burned-out area of the Tumblebug Complex of fires, which consumed nearly 15,000 acres of national forest southeast of Oakridge in September.
Last summer's Tumblebug Fire, the third-largest fire in the history of the Willamette National Forest, spread ash, smoke and carbon dioxide throughout the southern Willamette Valley.