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a clothes dryer that spins wet clothes inside a cylinder with heated air

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Alex Neill, managing director at consumer group Which?, demanded that Whirlpool now conduct a full product recall of the tumble-dryers involved.
According to the Fire Department, a call was received at around 11.30pm on Wednesday from the Marina Hotel reporting that a tumble-dryer in the laundry room on the ground floor of the four-storey building had caught fire.
The fire badly damaged the laundry room and the tumble-dryer was destroyed.
It was the second tumble-dryer fire that crews in North Wales have attended in two days.
Tories said A-rated tumble-dryers and washer-dryers and fridge-freezers with A++ ratings could be obtained at a fraction of the price of Lord Malloch-Brown's appliances.
Reclaim your washing line during the summer - no need for the tumble-dryer!
Despite there being a known fire risk attached to these models of tumble-dryer, the watchdog said the customer service representatives gave "inadequate, inconsistent and potentially dangerous advice".
In only one of the five calls to Whirlpool did the operator give the correct safety advice, which is to unplug and not use the tumble-dryer until it has been modified.
Faulty white goods such as washingmachines, tumble-dryers and fridgefreezers are causing more than 60 house fires a week, a figure that has remained "stubbornly high" for at least five years, an investigation by Which?
Fire data obtained by the watchdog through Freedom of Information requests shows faulty washingmachines and tumble-dryers to be the most high-risk appliances, causing 35% of fires between April 1, 2014, and March 31, 2016.
But the youngster's grandfather, Steve Woodall, said, 'All that we know is that she got into the tumble-dryer, fell asleep and died from suffocation.' He described the death as a 'tragic accident'.
UP TO 800,000 faulty tumble-dryers could be recalled by Whirlpool because they could be a fire risk.
New safety concerns have emerged over controversial Whirlpool tumble-dryers after 30 apparently fixed machines caught fire - forcing a mother with her two children to flee their their home.
WHIRLPOOL is facing a recall notice amid concern over the safety of its tumble-dryers, the government has said.
BEKO has issued a safety alert for thousands of tumble-dryers over concerns they could pose a fire risk, including one model found to have caused a blaze that killed a mother of two.