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He glanced about him at the unpruned garden, the tumble-down house, and the oak- grove under which the dusk was gathering.
The tumble-down 1780 structure had seen better times, and was partly destroyed in the Second World War.
It came in the shape of a tumble-down farmstead with half an acre of land and a private courtyard which they bought for pounds 58,000.
A TUMBLE-DOWN 18th-century farm with planning permission for redevelopment is on the market for about pounds 700,000.
S: I'd like to fight Dillinger Four, just for bloody, tumble-down fun.
My husband made the tumble-down house livable and made a great solar collector.
It is a traditional "tumble-down shack," scheduled to be bulldozed to make way for a development of 40 luxury homes, and described by the developer as "classy." Hardly anything new about that.
It also shows that 10,000 kids are still taught in tumble-down pre-fabs, and one in three schools are in such debt they cannot even afford to be cleaned daily.
In Paris he commissioned a series of strident cultural monuments that permanently altered the old Haussmann horizon, while his policy of decentralization nurtured projects in the provinces, so that his most farflung constituents found among the unlikely settings of their tumble-down chateaux or ancient abbeys, their crumbling convents, amphitheaters, and even windmills and warehouses, the makings of a local art center.