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Synonyms for tugrik

the basic unit of money in Mongolia

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Then there are the messages telling me I have won the Mongolian Lottery and all I need to claim my zillion tugrik prize money (and yes, that's the currency in Mongolia) is send a facilitation fee to a Post Office box number in Zurich.
In addition, the floating of the tugrik in 1993 and the subsequent strong depreciation of the currency was absorbed quickly into inflation.
At a site called Tugrik, for instance, Polish and Mongolian paleontologists discovered a predatory Veiociraptor and an herbivorous Protoceratops locked in what appears to be a violent clash frozen in time.
13) devaluation of tugrik in relation to US dollar for commercial transactions; establishment of a two-tier exchange rate.
5 billion bailout from the International Monetary Fund to relieve debt pressures and stabilise the national currency, the tugrik.
5 billion bailout in May 2017 to stabilize its floundering economy and its currency, the tugrik, which went into freefall last year.
With the approval of a tugrik loan, the lender has reiterated its commitment to expand local currency financing in Mongolia.
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is continuing to develop local currency financing in Mongolia by providing a loan in tugrik to a Toyota car dealer, Tavan Bogd LLC.