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Synonyms for tugrik

the basic unit of money in Mongolia

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I wonder if they will accept payment in Mongolian tugriks?
There has been a series of devaluations of the tugrik vis-a-vis the US dollar.
At a site called Tugrik, for instance, Polish and Mongolian paleontologists discovered a predatory Veiociraptor and an herbivorous Protoceratops locked in what appears to be a violent clash frozen in time.
(13) devaluation of tugrik in relation to US dollar for commercial transactions; establishment of a two-tier exchange rate.
The company last year turned a net profit of 720 billion tugrik ($272.78 million), up more than 50% from the previous year, on revenue of 1.86 trillion tugrik.
One main reason for the growth of inflation this year may be the weakening of the Mongolian tugrik against the U.S.