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a powerful small boat designed to pull or push larger ships

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Indian Authorities sent back the tugboat to Maldives and Maldivian Police Services boarded the tug and arrested Ahmed Adheeb.
He said he had already communicated with their shipping company to send a tugboat to tow the barge, but it took a long time.
His meagre income is now forcing him to rethink his options, and he is now tempted to return to sea as a tugboat crewman once again for the sake of his family.
"The two tugboats tried to stop the giant and then a tow cable broke, cut by the collision with the riverboat," Davide Calderan, president of a tugboat association in Venice, told the Italian news agency ANSA.
A tugboat is a type of vessel that helps move other vessels by either pushing or pulling them by direct contact or a tow line.
But also, "I was named after Thea Foss, who lived in Tacoma and owned one of the biggest tugboat companies in the country," says Thea.
TWO Turkish sailors convicted of smuggling a record PS512m worth of cocaine aboard a tugboat have each been jailed for at least 20 years.
NEW YORK, Jumada II 04, 1437, March 13, 2016, SPA -- A search for two missing crew members of a tugboat that crashed into a barge and sank in the Hudson River has stretched into another day.
KUWAIT, Dec 20 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Ports Authority Sunday announced agreements with tugboat captains "who declined to perform their duties" regarding their demands, while saying KPA recruited volunteering captains to make sure towing would not be interrupted.
BEIJING (TAP) - Authorities confirmed 22 people dead in the capsizing of a tugboat with an international team on a test voyage in eastern China .
The Incheon District Prosecutors' office issued the indictment without arrest, with its spokesman saying Jang was suspected of committing breach of trust worth 3.03 billion Korean won ($2.76 million) at an LNG tanker tugboat company he headed before taking over in 2013 as Kogas CEO.
The idea for the pink M's took root when a Moran employee asked Tregurtha for approval to paint one on a single tugboat to honor a family member.
AE[currency]KABAT (CyHAN)- The Gudrat tugboat, built at the Turkish shipyard, entered the international sea port of Turkmenbashi city on the Caspian shore, the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper wrote Nov.
A tugboat "GUDRAT" built by the order of the state service for sea and river transport of Turkmenistan was delivered to Turkmenbashi international seaport, reports the state news agency of Turkmenistan.