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any hard struggle between equally matched groups

a contest in which teams pull of opposite ends of a rope

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The tug-of-war and sliming were the culmination of the Tri-R-athon, in which students secured sponsors, did their reading, arithmetic and running, and collected $9,000 for the school.
In the tug-of-war between aerosols and greenhouse gases, it seems that humans may be the real losers.
Twice it has closed down much of the government as part of the tug-of-war with Clinton.
PESHAWAR -- Charsadda Region clinched the trophy of the Inter-Region High and Higher Secondary Schools Boys Tug-of-War Championship played here at Shaheed Hussain Sharif Higher Secondary School No.
Right: jubilant Mirfield Stags after winning the tug-of-war.
The tug-of-war came to an abrupt end when his end of the rope snapped and his team went down to inglorious defeat.
Maintaining grid is like tug-of-war SIR - When will laymen like the leader of Wales Green Party, Pippa Bartolotti (letter November 6), realise that to maintain our national grid within acceptable limits is similar to a tug-of-war, where power station controllers have to modulate the total torque produced by all its turbines so that it constantly counteracts (balances) the millions of changes in demand we make every day; and, as there is no way of controlling or anticipating the torque produced by wind turbines, power stations still have to produce sufficient steam (from fossil fuel) to maintain this balance, whether the wind is blowing or not.
He individually challenges both to a tug-of-war, then arranges it so that each, unwittingly, is pulling at the opposite end of the same rope.
And she's determined to get involved, whether it's joining a tug-of-war team in the Peak District, being chased by bloodhounds in Essex, dodging whirlpools in Northern Ireland or finding ancient cave markings in Fife.
Highlights include Kites and Castles, Boats and Boards at Barnegat Bay and a Tug-of-War competition celebrating National Tug of War Day.
Do you ever feel as though there is a tug-of-war going on inside you when it comes to losing weight?
Gen Mattar bin Salim al-Balushi, Commander of the Royal Army of Oman (RAO) honoured today at Mua'askar Al Murtafa'ah the RAO sports team which won the first places in the 17th Championship of athletics and the fifteenth session of the tug-of-war for the Sultan's Armed Forces and the country side marathon, track and field games and tug-of-war for 2012.
The quirkiest event was possibly tug-of-war, the same game many of today's athletes probably played when they were in first grade.
THESE century-old photos show how a Liverpool police team won a bronze medal in the tug-of-war at the 1908 Olympic Games.
HEART of England School captured the spirit of Carers Week by organising a fun tug-of-war.