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any hard struggle between equally matched groups

a contest in which teams pull of opposite ends of a rope

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The tug-of-war I am describing is not a political one, but an apolitical one.
In 1904, the tug-of-war winner was a legitimate tug-of-war team from the Milwaukee Athletic Club.
The tug-of-war itself started losing ground four years later at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm.
Heart of England School's tug-of-war, along with many other events taking place across the UK, was to help raise awareness.
The researchers recorded growls from 20 pet dogs in three different situations: a tug-of-war game with their owner, competing with another dog for a bone and growling at an approaching stranger.
More than 2,000 people enjoyed the gala's Victorian funfair, rowing sessions on the River Tees, a tug-of-war on Snaith's Field, bellboat competitions and a live music stage.
One of these so-called "no-nos" is playing tug-of-war with your dog.
Wales starlet Ramsey handed victory to Arsene Wenger in the tug-of-war with United boss Sir Alex Ferguson for the most wanted youngster in British football.
Nigel Thompson, chairman of Haltwhistle Young Farmers, has had his tug-of-war team out practising and he aims to win.
It won't have appealed to the traditionalists but a lot of thought and effort went into putting on a varied show with a novelty darts match and tug-of-war challenge.
Her destruction of her mother's prized porcelain china during a tug-of-war match with Samson the Great, her dog, propelled her into the adventure of a lifetime.
In several works, for example, the artist borrows objects from his 1974 "Door Window Table Basket Mirror Rug" series, relocating the drawings' woven basket into a distorted and slightly creepy dungeonlike interior in Walking Man, and isolating the "old" rug in a perceptual tug-of-war between flatness and perspectival depth in Rug II (both 2004).
Yet the piece follows too closely the now near-generic score; fire final, literal tug-of-war is entirely too pedantic.
There will be a tug-of-war between the old ASB and current ASB and an activity where we'll have part of the cheerleader outfits people will have to unscramble and put in the correct chronological order,'' he said.