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northern Pacific puffin having a large yellow plume over each eye

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Key words: Alaska, Ancient Murrelet, British Columbia, Cassin's Auklet, Cerorhinca monocerata, Fratercula cirrhata, population change, Ptychoramphus aleuticus, Rhinoceros Auklet, Synthliboramphus antiquus, Tufted Puffin
Pacific puffinologists estimate that the northern Pacific holds 3.5 million tufted puffins and 1.2 million horned puffins.
Boats have ample room on deck for close-up views of wildlife, and there's also a chance to tour the San Juan islands looking for tufted puffins, bald eagles and Steller sea lions.
Tufted puffins breeding in the Bering Sea, off the coast of Alaska, feed on fish and marine invertebrates, which in turn feed on ocean plankton.
The latest study looked at tufted puffins breeding in the Bering Sea, off the coast of Alaska.
These include tufted puffins and marbled murrelets - two birds that are gradually disappearing elsewhere in the northern Pacific.
You'll find lots--everything from a 10-foot-long (without tail) Siberian tiger (right) to tiny tufted puffins (left).
Sailing to Alaska, you'll have the chance to view spectacular glaciers and snowcapped mountains along the rugged coastline, with an abundance of wildlife, including whales, dolphins, bald eagles and tufted puffins.
Although you mention several good places to observe tufted puffins along the West Coast and in Hawaii ("Seabird Soirees," page 22), you missed Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, Oregon, where the nesting colony is visible with the naked eye right from the beach and better seen with binoculars or a scope.
Artificial nesting boxes have been successfully used as tools for aiding in the restoration of seabird populations on the Farallones and elsewhere for seabirds such as Cassin's Auklets, Rhinoceros Auklets, Tufted Puffins, and Pigeon Guillemots.
Tufted Puffins Fratercula cirrhata: Tufted puffins began to arrive at their colonies during the second half of May, about one week earlier than horned puffins.
The tufted puffins at right are clinging to a windy cliff near their nesting burrows.
Entire colonies of burrow-nesting seabirds like storm-petrels, Cassin's auklets and tufted puffins were wiped out.
-- Caryospora undata Schwalbach, 1959 (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae), was found in the feces of three of 25 (12 percent) tufted puffins, Lunda cirrhata (Charadriiformes: Alcidae) housed at Sea World of Florida.