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Synonyms for tuft

Synonyms for tuft

a bunch of hair or feathers or growing grass

a bunch of feathers or hair

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Her 15-part series, which began March 8, written along with reporter Bill Smith has drawn attention from Editor & Publisher and from NBC-TV's "Dateline," which is scheduled to broadcast an interview with Tuft during the November sweeps.
Diane Tuft, who has worked in various media, has focused on environmental fine art photography since 1998.
Tuft appealed through the Newspaper Guild and won arbitration, which erased the suspension and loss of pay.
In a series of deeply personal stories, Tuft claims the man convicted of the murder is innocent, and the real murderer is behind bars, charged with another vicious crime.
Court of Appeals reversed this district court's decision, stating that the alleged discrimination stems not from the particular skill required--the ability to work with complex data--but from the method by which Tufts measures that ability.
Tuft had written about televangelist Joyce Meyer, her $900,000 salary, and financial benefits for family members.
Tuft had investigated the ministry and reported on its finances, including the $900,000 salary of televangelist Joyce Meyer, the financial benefits that flowed to Meyer's relatives and that the ministry's compound in northern Jefferson County was not paying property taxes.
Tuft had reported on monetary benefits for Meyer's relatives and the avoidance of property taxes on its compound in northern Jefferson County.
Soeteber published a long "apology" to readers June 19 and suspended Tuft for five days without pay.
They seemed so nit-picking in light of the disclosures by Tuft on how Meyer has received millions of dollars from her TV audience and lives, with her family, in grand style on a 52acre complex in northern Jefferson County.
First, Tufts Health Freedom Plan is founded in New Hampshire and jointly owned by Tufts Health Plan and the New Hampshire providers that make up Granite Health.
Tufts Health Plan president and COO Thomas Croswell said: "Tufts Health Freedom Plan was created to meet the needs of the residents of New Hampshire - to provide superior care management along with innovative health insurance products, all with the commitment to stabilize health care costs for our members and the business community.
With the current contract scheduled to expire at midnight last night a putting some 18,000 Tufts patients into a health care limbo -- the two sides came together with only a few hours left, settling the dispute over the level of reimbursement Tufts will pay the for-profit company for patient care.
INTRODUCTION: Tufted folliculitis is a rare entity of the scalp that resolves with cicatricial alopecia within multiple hair tufts emerging from dilated follicular orifices (1).
CHICAGO -- Fitch Ratings has affirmed the 'BBB' rating on following bonds issued on behalf of Tufts Medical Center (Tufts MC):