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hard volcanic rock composed of compacted volcanic ash


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1980) recognized a unit of dacitic tufts and breccias (their 'Bluff tuff-breccia') overlain by andesitic sedimentary and tuffaceous rocks (the term 'possibly' is used here because descriptions of rock units by different authors are comparable only in a general sense, not in detail).
where a tuffaceous lacustrine sequence broadly similar in lithology to
The sharp and abrupt nature of the contact between the Lameta sediments and the overlying tuffaceous layers aptly corroborates that the Deccan volcanic activity in western India initiated immediately after the Lameta sedimentation ceased .
The Nelson soil, a Motupiko silt loam, is a weathered fluvial recent soil derived from greywacke, whereas the Southland soil, a Waikiwi silt loam, is a deeper soil derived from loess from tuffaceous greywacke and schist.
Overlying the Ola Kile Formation is the Ola Bula Formation, a series of tuffaceous sandstones and siltstones up to 120 m thick, which accumulated in the Early and Middle Pleistocene.
Silica may have been derived from bentonite, tuffaceous rock, and silicate minerals.
Unlike the ash that covered Pompeii, however, what fell on Herculaneum formed a compact mass of hard, tuffaceous matter 60 feet deep that preserved the town embedded within almost as perfectly as amber preserves an insect.
At trench 2, the west boundary of mineralization is marked by a sub-parallel, post-mineral fault that dips westerly; thus an unknown quantity of mineralized vein material may lie beneath the surface on the west side (hangingwall) of the fault beneath strongly argillized tuffaceous rocks.
East of the Howard Peak Granodiorite are Ordovician tuffaceous volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the Turnbull Mountain Formation (Fig.
The mineralization is hosted within a tuffaceous dacite that outcrops on a northeast trending ridge for approximately 1km.
Tuffaceous interflow sediment in the mafic volcanic rocks west of Anyox yielded a detrital zircon age of ca.
reported tuffaceous paleosols calcretized through pedogenesis in the
Low-grade mineralization encountered in both SEP06-114 and SEP06-115 occurs above the andesite in tuffaceous rock, possibly associated with a newly recognized high-angle fault.
The well-drained Waikiwi soil is developed in tuffaceous greywacke loess (Bruce 1977).