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a scarf worn around the head by Muslim women in Malaysia

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I'm telling you now, Miss Tudung replied condescendingly.
Please give us our passports Miss Tudung cut in icily, No.
We were outraged that Miss Tudung withheld this information from us, but appreciated Miss India's gesture.
Example: "Actually I am uncomfortable to wear the tudung and lift the weight because if it suddenly comes off, it will become a distraction for me and I will not win.
Before I wore the tudung, people always mistook me for a Chinese.
In early 2002, three female Muslim secondary school students were suspended from public schools for continuing to wear the tudung in violation of school uniform requirements.
Relevant behaviours range from simple symbolic expressions such as wearing the tudung to relatively complex matters such as their role and position in the private and public realm.
Her eldest son is in the fifth grade at a government-run primary school, and she also has a 3-year-old daughter, who is already wearing a tudung.
I prefer to teach my daughters to wear a tudung from a young age.
If, over time, we are all comfortable, as we are with adults wearing tudung, then you will find that our own attitudes may change,'' he said.
Critics of the government's position say it is not fair to ban the tudung in schools because Sikh students are allowed to wear turbans.
Country: Indonesia, Sector: Food/Beverages/Tobacco, Wholesale/RetailTarget: PT Garudafood GroupBuyer: The Carlyle Group LPVendor: Tudung GroupType: LBO, StakebuildingStatus: Speculation, ExclusivityComment: Deal value speculated at some USD200m.
The vendor is Indonesian food and beverages producer Tudung Group, which unveiled plans to sell the minority stake in December last year, saying that Barclays Capital would lead-manage the auction.
Country: Indonesia, Sector: Food/Beverages/TobaccoTarget: GarudaFoodBuyer: Suntory Group, The Carlyle Group LPVendor: Tudung GroupDeal size in USD: 200mType: LBO, StakebuildingStatus: BiddingComment: The deal size is potential.
The Singapore government on Monday suspended two Muslim schoolgirls, both around 7 years old, for defying its ban on wearing Islamic headscarves, or tudungs, at school.