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a box for storing eatables (especially at boarding school)

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The 13 notes and letters were sent to William by Diana when he was 10 at Eton, where he kept them in a locked tuck box.
A tuck box will be provided for each child who will also receive a gift from Santa.
50, including a tuck box tea, a disco, party games and present from Santa.
My tuck box was in the car as well as my school books and all my stationery for my schoolwork.
Interior highlights will include vintage letterboxes in each lobby and a 'corner shop' selling essentials and treats to stock the mini bar, plus a tuck box of complimentary snacks.
The Betty's Tuck Box is pounds 18 inc p&p and can be ordered from Betty's By Post on 01423 814 008 or from www.
Visitors will see Diana's school uniform, tuck box, school reports and letters home and family films of her childhood.
Diana's school uniform, tuck box, school reports and letters to her parents are on display in a room which charts her childhood.
But nevertheless, Jamie enjoyed returning with a film crew instead of a tuck box, to Brecon - a place that he was only allowed to visit during strictly-rationed 'time uptown' as a teenager.
Kate said: "When I was at boarding school, we had our tuck box at the bottom of our beds.
Each super cool Tuck Box is filled with a combination of 27 of the best retro sweets that will bring back the memories and taste explosions of your youth.
Lacrosse, prep, midnight feasts and waiting for the tuck box to arrive or parents to visit.
The Allotment Tool and Tuck Box is just what a keen gardener needs.
Mr Gemmell, 34, was cleared by a Sheriff on two counts of theft after claiming he put the cash with the station tuck box money to be processed later.