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eat up

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The Tuck Away will be easy to implement and comfortable and unobtrusive to the user.
The writing was on the wall for the Villagers when Jack Donnison got on the end of a Kyle Devlin cross to tuck away his first senior goal midway through the second half.
com)-- An innovative new footwear product targeted at female consumers everywhere, the Tuck Away Heel Shoe, has been developed by Elsa N.
Top-secret corporate information can be carried on tiny, portable flash drives that store up to two gigabytes of data and are small enough to tuck away in a shirt pocket," said Bertrand Manhe, director of strategic alliances at SecureWave.
Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to tuck away in small spaces, plus its classic nautical look makes this product very appealing.
Cables tuck away neatly for convenient storage, allowing the hub to fit conveniently into any laptop or notebook carrying case.
When not in use, the CD-ROM and floppy drives tuck away under the display, and the keyboard fits neatly under the screen.