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mechanical support to the seminiferous tubules and blood vessels, production of testosterone by interstitial cells (Leydig cells), participation in the sustentacular cell barrier and regulation of the sustentacular cell (Sertoli cell) functions.
Histological examination of cadmium treated group B, showed degeneration and sloughing of the germinal epithelium of the tubules.
This theory is based on the movement of fluid inside the tubules when thermal and osmotic stimuli are applied.
In addition to its expression in the proximal renal tubule, SGLT-1 is abundant in intestinal mucosa enterocytes, where it facilitates the absorption of dietary glucose.
Class V Regression: After completing spermiation, the testis shows a reduction in the tubule diameter; towards the distal area shows remaining spermatozoa and a discontinuous and thin germinal epithelium (8.
Previous studies compared the testis weight, seminiferous tubule length, germ cell development and numbers of Sertoli and Leydig cells and seminiferous epithelium cycle length in mules and donkeys (Neves et al.
Histological measurements like thickness of testicular capsule and seminiferous epithelium, diameter of seminiferous tubules and its lumen, diameter and percentage area of interstitial cells in each testis were measured with the help of automated image analysis system Image J(r), version 1.
Sperm count was higher in April, June and September, while diameter of seminiferous tubules was found greater in April and August.
On microscopy, these dilated tubules and cysts are lined by a single layer of neoplastic cells which range from flat, hobnail, cuboidal, cylindrical to columnar.
This organ, located in the posterior part of the animal, consists of multiple tubules that can be expelled out of the cloacum after stimulation (Hamel and Mercier, 2000: Flammang et al.
Lateral increase occurs along the bottom of the new rank, and new tubule is inserted above the base.
size of renal corpuscle, micron, size of renal glomerulus, micron, diameter of proximal convoluted tubule, micron, diameter of opening of proximal convoluted tubule, micron, size of epithelial of renal tubules, micron2 and size of their nuclears, micron (2).
The data show that the treatment with nandrolone increased the lumen of the seminiferous tubule and tunica propria, and decreased the seminiferous epithelium.