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2) showed a tumour composed of well-formed small-sized to medium-sized tubules and cystically dilated larger tubules, separated by thin fibrovascular septae.
Lateral increase occurs along the bottom of the new rank, and new tubule is inserted above the base.
The diameter of the proximal convoluted tubule and its opening, size of epithelian cell and its nuclear have no significant changes comparing to the control (see Table 1).
Four cells formed the circumference of a Malpighian tubule (Fig.
Thiazide diuretic use may also predispose to the development of this condition by enhancing renal tubule calcium absorption and by promoting volume depletion and alkalosis.
They then cultivated the intermediate mesoderm with kidney cells from a mouse embryo to produce part of the structure of a urinary tubule.
Histopathological examination revealed infiltration of the lymphocytes in the interstitial spaces, glomerular hypertrophy, basement membrane thickening and tubular necrosis with loss of their brush border in some of the proximal convoluted tubules in diabetic rats.
The dentine surfaces of samples in subgroup I showed a well formed smear layer partially or completely occluding the dentinal tubules.
Once the recovery phase begins, the restoration of glomerular filtrate may occur prior to re-establishment of tubule function.
The epididymis tubule has a pseudostratified columnar epithelium with cilia and individual spermatozoa scattered in the lumen (Fig.
The current study examined the effects of anoxia on tubule morphology of the digestive gland in the Eastern oyster as well as the quantity and quality of whole-body anaerobic bacteria counts.
DENTSPLY reports that NovaMin relieves dentinal sensitivity by tubule occlusion, the blocking of the microscopic channels in the tooth's dentin that lead to nerve endings in the dental pulp, while amplifying the natural protective and repair mechanisms of saliva.
In our and others' experience, periglomerular fibrosis cannot be equated with atubular glomeruli because, many times, connection of the Bowman space to the proximal tubule is preserved.
The renal tubule is a system of tiny kidney canals in which urine is formed and through which urine passes.
In this study, the staining intensity of RLF produced from Leydig cells, histomorphometric changes (seminiferous tubule area, seminiferous epithelial height) of testicular tissues obtained from rats and variations in body weight and testes weight of rats which were exposed to xylene and formaldehyde from the beginning of the embryonic period, after birth (1-day-old) and immediately after puberty were examined.