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is a world leader in enhanced heat transfer technology and a qualified supplier of fabricated tubing to the automotive industry.
The Oregon Steel Division produces steel plate, coil, welded pipe and structural tubing from plants located in Portland, Oregon, Napa, California and Camrose, Alberta, Canada.
More information on Entegris' Dual Containment Tubing and Fittings Solution and other fluid handling products is available at www.
The above information has been edited from course booklet for the British Fluid Power Association's new training course titled 'Small Bore Tubing Integrity Course--using twin ferrule compression fittings.
For a copy of an ISMP newsletter article on tubing misconnections, visit www.
Smelt bed samples were taken near the floor tubing in two kraft recovery boilers.
It has a 300-foot downhill tubing run, ski-resort-caliber snowmaking guns and a conveyor-belt lift to the top - kind of like the moving sidewalks you see in airports.
Fuel lines in early automobiles were entirely of copper tubing which was long lived and certainly posed no problems ensuing from permeability.
The Supercoil uses spacers of lead wire encapsulated with Teflon and polyvinylidene chloride tubes to flatten and separate the individual layers of Teflon tubing.
In a man, constant communication between testicular tissue and small glands at the base of the brain maintains the proper hormonal environment in the blood for spermatogenesis in the testicles; the sperm are produced in tubing within the testicles, then wind their way back up into the body and out.
based manufacturer of small diameter tubing, announces K-Tube Direct, a new e-commerce site providing customers with the ability to order stock products online and in low volumes.
IFK Isofluor GmbH, a processor of specialty tubing in Neuss, Germany, showed off several new developments in expanded PTFE tubes at the recent K 2004 exhibition in Dusseldorf.
During the procedure, the surgeon discovered a 22-cm piece of tubing that had been left in the man's small intestine and had perforated his colon wall.