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Synonyms for tubful

the amount that a tub will hold


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My research uncovered a fuller version of the saying: "He was as leet gi'en as a posser 'ead in a tubful of knickers.
The water is heated by a large firebox and it pays to listen carefully to Austin's instructions - it takes time to heat a tubful of water, so don't add too much cold water or let the fire die out.
Then he would turn around and buy bargain peanut butter by the tubful at Spag's.
The DVD includes a tubful of insidiously sick and twisted bonus features celebrating the gore of a film that will change the face of horror.
Sunday Mirror columnist Gerry Armstrong, a one-time World Cup hero and current Northern Ireland assistant manager, said: "Rodriguez should have concentrated more on the match and less on the tubful of gel he had in his hair.