tuberous plant

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plant growing from a tuber

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Tuberous plants should be lifted and overwintered in a frost-free environment.
THE ecologist said there are plans to develop a rock garden, a cactus house, an arboreta (a garden where many different types of tree are grown, for people to look at or for scientific study), a tropical rain forest and a conservatory of bulbous and tuberous plants.
2 Use tuberous plants for their exciting sizzling colours, such as Sparaxis tricolor, with grass-like leaves and bright orange, red or purple flowers.
Spring bulbs and tuberous plants will be susceptible to problems with wet winters, while alpine plants may be harder to grow in mild areas.
In the nature garden, bulbous and tuberous plants have been combined with permanent plants in a natural environment.
A NON-STOP begonias are tuberous plants which means you can dry them out and overwinter the tubers until next year.
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