tuberous begonia

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any of numerous begonias having large tuberous roots

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TIP OF THE WEEK: While larger dahlias may not need winter storage, the tubers of smaller dahlias and tuberous begonias must be dug in order to survive until the next spring.
Some plants require more water than others and these need a constant supply - ferns, fuchsia, lobelia, hosta, mimulus, tuberous begonia, scaevola and lysimachia.
There are well over 2,000 varieties of tuberous begonia to choose from.
START off tuberous begonia varieties, planting the tubers with the sunken side uppermost, in trays of compost.
There are more than 2,000 varieties of tuberous begonia to choose from.
In February, start shopping for summer-blooming bulbs, such as canna, tuberous begonia established landscape plants.
Left: Canna 'Tropicanna', with 'Flame Orange' tuberous begonia, flowering maple (Abutilon 'Vesuvius'), and trailing Lotus maculatus 'Gold Flash'.
Best buds When flower buds appear on tuberous begonias, remove all buds with winged embryo seed pods behind them or they'll produce small, insignificant flowers that will rob the plant of energy.
HOW TO LOOK AFTER DIFFERENT TYPES OF BULBS | Tuberous begonias These like to be sheltered from wind, in partial shade, as the foliage can scorch in bright sunlight.
Tuberous begonias with their large camellia-like blooms are cut back to just above their bulb (tuber) and saved in a frost-free location for spring planting.
Pot on tuberous begonias and support tall plants with canes in the greenhouse ?
SOW tuberous begonias, sweet peas and busy lizzies under glass.
Order summer-flowering bulbs, corms and tubers, especially if you are planning to grow any that need starting off indoors, such as tuberous begonias.
Remove all buds on tuberous begonias that have winged embryo seed pods behind them, as these will produce small, insignificant flowers and if left to grow will rob the plant of energy.
Jobs for the week Easy2 Remove all buds on tuberous begonias that have winged embryo seedpods behind them as these will produce insignificant flowers, robbing the plant of energy.
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