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a protuberance on a bone especially for attachment of a muscle or ligament

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Both heads insert distally onto the radial tuberosity.
Anatomical Landmark Tissue Type First Second Muscle Apex of ischial Muscle-fat boundary tuberosity (IT) under projection of IT Fat Muscle-fat boundary Skin under projection of IT Effective Soft Apex of IT Skin Table 3.
75) Kinematics may also be altered following these procedures, as medializing the tuberosity can effectively rotate the tibia externally while anteromedialization may shift the tibia posteriorly compared to the malaligned position.
s study, which did not include containment of the ischial tuberosity within the posterior medial border of the prosthetic socket, improved adduction would have still been recorded.
8) Del Buono and coworkers found that administering endogenous MMP inhibitor at the greater tuberosity was associated with reduced collagen degradation and increase collagen organization at 4 weeks in an animal rotator cuff repair model.
While the degree of abduction where the middle deltoid stopped wrapping the greater tuberosity was quantified, it was done so visually based upon when the muscle line ceased to intersect the humeral bone.
16-20) Currently, most surgeons obtain exposure to the glenohumeral joint during TSA using one of three techniques: an ostetotomy of the lesser tuberosity, a mid-substance release of the tendon, and releasing the tendon from the lesser tuberosity.
Using an inclinometer placed just distal to the tibial tuberosity, the investigator adjusted the vertical height of the footplate in order to bring the pitch of the shank to horizontal.
In this procedure, the suture limbs of the medial row anchors are "bridged" over the tear site and secured lateral to the greater tuberosity with additional humeral cortex fixation.
The Putti-Platt is a procedure in which medial advancement of the lateral capsule is performed and the subscapularis muscle belly is "double breasted" over the capsule and sutured to the greater tuberosity.
Abbreviations: ANOVA = analysis of variance, CV = coefficient of variation, IPM = interface pressure mapping, IT = ischial tuberosity, PRI = Pressure Relief Index, PTI = Pressure Time Integral.
These typically develop at the load-bearing bony prominences, including the plantar aspects of the first and fifth metatarsal heads or below the calcaneal tuberosity.
At angles less than 60[degrees] humerothoracic elevation, the greater tuberosity of the humerus approximates the acromion and the supraspinatus tendon is most susceptible to impingement [23].
Similarly Oakes (1984) suggested that the biceps femoris muscle is more susceptible to strain injury due to attachment to both the ischial tuberosity and the length of the femur, making the muscle less extensible.
Radiographs may exhibit irregularity of the radial tuberosity in chronic biceps tendon injuries, obliteration of the supinator fat stripe, or, rarely, acute avulsion fractures.
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