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a protuberance on a bone especially for attachment of a muscle or ligament

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44 NMES: Neuromuscular electrical stimulation; SD: Standard deviation; Min: Min; Max: Maximum; SDQ: Shoulder Disability Questionnaire; A-GT: Acromion-greater tuberosity distance; The chi-square test (to compare the Brunnstrom stage) and Wilcoxon signed-rank test (for the rest of comparison) were used.
In the repair groups, specimens underwent a simulated proximal hamstring rupture by sharply releasing the conjoint tendon and semimembranosus tendon from the ischial tuberosity using a #10 scalpel blade.
The average value of area corresponding to the area of the ischial tuberosity was above 80 mmHg in active sensing (Bennett et al.
The ligament was exteriorized with the help of a curved scissor near the ligament's insertion point at the tibial tuberosity.
Clinical Findings of Archers with and Without CSP (a) Findings With CSP(n = 85) Tenderness on greater tuberosity 9 (10.
If still prominent, the medial portion of the tuberosity of the navicular is removed using an osteotome, working in a proximal direction (Fig.
We used K-wires to fix the greater tuberosity, traversing obliquely medially, to emerge at the upper medial shaft.
age of the patient, Reasons ablative surgery, location of the defect (cheek mucosa, maxillary tuberosity, palate and retromolar region).
The bookAEs 25 chapters cover routine procedures as well as advanced topics such as arthroscopic management of greater tuberosity fractures, arthroscopic procedures for shoulder dislocation, arthroscopic AC joint reconstruction, and suprascapular nerve release.
With the greater tuberosity pressing against the acromion, the humeral head is forced anteriorly out of the glenohumeral joint (1, 2).
Elbow hygroma is a characteristic movable swelling over the point of olecranon tuberosity, usually developing from trauma (McIlwraith, 2002).
It is inserted anteriorly to the base of the 2nd metacarpal, partially to the trapezial tuberosity and partially to the base of the third metacarpal.
Plain radiographs and CT scan indicated an anteroposterior directed head-splitting fracture of the humeral head involving ~30% of the lateral articular surface with a sagittal extension pattern of the greater tuberosity and without any evidence of humeral head dislocation (Figures 1(b) and 1(c)).
During Caldwell-Luc procedure, incision is made 5mm below the gingivolabial sulcus extending from pyriform aperture medially to the maxillary tuberosity laterally.
The TTA, tibial tuberosity advancement, is also a more technical surgery than the lateral suture repair.
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