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Synonyms for tuberculous

relating to or afflicted with tuberculosis

Synonyms for tuberculous

constituting or afflicted with or caused by tuberculosis or the tubercle bacillus


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Mammography is not very helpful in diagnosing the tuberculous mastitis, as findings may mimic either fibrocystic disease in early stages and malignancy in advanced stage.
Tuberculous mastitis: a review of seven consecutive cases.
The first and most common type is Nodular Tuberculous Mastitis [1, 3].
The next type, and second most common, is the Disseminated Tuberculous Mastitis [1, 3].
We report a case of tuberculous mastitis presenting as breast abscess.
In India, the incidence of tuberculous mastitis has been reported to be between 1-4.5%.
Among 11 cases [Table 6], the maximum cases were of acute mastitis and tuberculous mastitis (three cases each).
Out of five cases in our study categorized as granulomatous pathology, three cases were found to have ZN positivity and were thus reported as tuberculous mastitis. Of the two cases that were labeled as granulomatous mastitis, one patient had excision of mass and HPE confirmed a nontuberculous granulomatous mastitis.
Tuberculous mastitis: a continuing problem.World J Surg.1987;11(1):105-109.
Sclerosing tubercular mastitis, tuberculous mastitis obliterans and acute milliary tubercular mastitis are rare nowadays and of historical importance only, whereas tubercular breast abscess is more frequently encountered.