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a tumor composed of granulation tissue resulting from injury or inflammation or infection

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In a study conducted by Zafar et al9 in 2008 in Karachi, the commonest granuloma was tuberculous granuloma 92.7% followed by foreign body granuloma 3.3%, sarcoidal granuloma 1.6% and suppurative granuloma 1.6%, necrobiotic granuloma 0.8%.
Tuberculous granuloma induction via interaction of a bacterial secreted protein with host epithelium.
The chest HRCT result was consistent with miliary tuberculosis (Figure 1), and the brain MRI revealed findings were consistent with tuberculous granuloma and tuberculous meningitis (Figure 2).
The patient was diagnosed with tuberculous granuloma of the nose and tuberculous lymphadenopathy.
In the central nervous system, TB initially creates a subependymal or subpial tuberculous granuloma, known as a Rich focus, within the brain, spinal cord, or meninges.
Most common finding on microscopic examination was tuberculous granuloma (97.03%) followed by Langhan's type giant cells (95.56%), caseous necrosis (79.26%) and foreign body giant cells (15.56%).
Biopsy of the mastoid mucosa revealed a tuberculous granuloma (figure 2B).
Tuberculous granuloma were; found in bronchial and peribronchial lung tissue obtained by bronchoscopy; however, no AFB or signs of malignancy were detected.
According to data, positive acidoalcohol fast bacilli (AFB) smears are uncommon (2-4%), while histopathological examination rarely indicates tuberculous granuloma, but more frequently necrotizing granuloma (13,14,15) chain reaction (PCR) testing represents the only hope, although there are opinions that this method is not reliable.
Demonstrating tuberculous granuloma is probably most important investigation for a definitive diagnosis of abdominal tuberculosis as we found in our observation.
In combined lesion, mast cell count was increased around metastatic deposits but decreased around tuberculous granuloma.