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Synonyms for endometritis

inflammation of the lining of the uterus (of the endometrium)

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of Cases 173 Normal secretory endometrium 68 39.16 Non-secretory endometrium 72 41.73 Simple hyperplasia 15 8.40 Tuberculous endometritis 18 10.70 Histological Secondary % Diagnosis Infertility No.
Interestingly, one was a case of tuberculous endometritis. Tuberculosis though said to be endemic in Nigeria is relatively under control especially with the very successful directly observed therapy.
Although nonspecific endometritis and tuberculous endometritis are known causes of infertility5,19 but we did not come across even a single case in our study population.
The present study was planned to develop, evaluate and compare different diagnostic methods for tuberculous endometritis.
Chronic endometritis was seen in 15 patients, including one case of tuberculous endometritis (Table 2).