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Synonyms for tuberculous

relating to or afflicted with tuberculosis

Synonyms for tuberculous

constituting or afflicted with or caused by tuberculosis or the tubercle bacillus


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Tuberculous pleurisy is a pleural specific inflammatory reaction caused by the entry of tuberculosis bacillus and its metabolites into highly allergic pleural cavity.
Professor Sathekge said, 'Our collaboration with Navidea promises to make pivotal contributions to the biology of the tuberculous granuloma and the development of novel targeted therapeutic interventions.'
All the cases with provisional diagnosis of tuberculous cervical lymphadenitis getting treated in Sri Aurobindo Hospital during the period of study were included & following patient were excluded from the study-
In Tuberculous Meningitis patients, 33 (60.0%) were males while in non Tuberculous Meningitis participants, 35 (63.6%) were males.
Key words: Tuberculous meningitis, cryptococcal meningitis, HIV, neurological manifestation, CD4.
Moxifloxacin based regimen (group I) versus standard treatment for tuberculous meningitis (group II) were compared.
Suture granuloma is not commonly seen in the respiratory clinic and can be misdiagnosed as tuberculous lymphadenitis.
A radiological morphological evaluation, on the other hand, is not specific enough to differentiate malignancy from tuberculous lymphadenitis.
The research variables were types of cervical lymphadenopathy (tuberculous lymphadenopathy/reactive hyperplasia/metastatic carcinoma/lymphpoma) and side of the neck involved (right/left).
Tuberculous spondylitis, also called Pott disease, accounts for 1-5% of TB cases and represents about 50% of all bone and joint TB [2].
On T1 gadolinium-enhanced images, a thick and diffuse leptomeningeal enhancement on the surface of brain and basal cisterns similar to that described in tuberculous meningitis has been documented in all DLGNT patients [1].
Tuberculous distal biceps tendon rupture is a rare condition in orthopedics.
[5] Hence, a rapid test which is relatively inexpensive and has good sensitivity and acceptable specificity is needed for diagnosis of tuberculous pleural effusion.
Tuberculous lymphadenitis is the most common form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis.