tuberculin test

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a skin test to determine past or present infection with the tuberculosis bacterium

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False positive tuberculin tests occur in individuals who have been infected with other mycobacteria, including vaccination with BCG.
Department of Agriculture has been regulating the testing of cows for TB, some states do not require pasteurization but permit the sale of milk from cows periodically certified by a veterinarian to have negative tuberculin test findings and no evidence of disease.
Instead, it showed caseous necrosis, which was followed by a positive culture and a positive tuberculin test.
The tuberculin test was inaccurate, and the higher the level of infection, the worse it performed.
Most people with previous exposure to TB will test positive on the tuberculin test, as will some people exposed to related mycobacteria.
Perhaps significantly, six of the seven with increasing CD4s -- but none of the four with falling CD4s -- show evidence of a specific form of cell-mediated immunity against HIV, as determined by skin tests resembling the commonly performed tuberculin test.
patikrinti Tuberculin Test 15-16 Year Olds (preliminary Points - 3,000 Children Over 3 Years; The Preliminary Figure May Rise Up To 3300 Persons); 2.
During August 2012-February 2013, a total of 1,166 cattle at the 15 dip tanks in the study area were tested for bovine tuberculosis by using the comparative intradermal tuberculin test (CIDT).