tuberculin test

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a skin test to determine past or present infection with the tuberculosis bacterium

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The strategic application of the IFN[gamma] assay, as an adjunct to the tuberculin test, can facilitate the early removal of infected animals in problem herds that are otherwise negative to the tuberculin test.
Comparative cervical intradermal tuberculin test was conducted as manufacturer's recommendation [19].
Surveys performed in Ecuador using the single and comparative intradermal tuberculin test (SITT and CITT, respectively) have demonstrated a variable prevalence of BTB.
Tuberculin test of the patient performed with 0,1 ml tuberculin solution was 20 mm and thorax BT (Figure-2) revealed calcified right hilar lymph node.
Instead of filling in cards for every person turning up for the tuberculin test, a mark was made directly on the body, and cards containing a minimum of information were used only for those actually vaccinated.
Vaccination is possible but less likely these days as the vaccine has to be specially imported, it does not stop shedding of the organism and it can cause cross reactions with the tuberculin test.
Traditionally, the identification of latent tubercular infection has always been performed by the cutaneous tuberculin test, also known as the Intradermal (Mantoux) test.
Correlation Between PCR and Tuberculin Test for Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Organisms in Bovine Cattle.
The Mantoux tuberculin test is now being recommended only for those children and adolescents who are at high risk for contracting TB (Pediatric Tuberculosis Collaborative Group, 2004).
The tuberculin test was inaccurate, and the higher the level of infection, the worse it performed.
In order to clarify the meaning of the negative tuberculin test, persons are tested with other common antigens to verify the response.
Most people with previous exposure to TB will test positive on the tuberculin test, as will some people exposed to related mycobacteria.
In 1930, 60 per cent of young people were sensitive to the tuberculin test and 85 per cent in 1946.
A tuberculin test to check on infection; a chest X-ray to see if there is damage.