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relating to or afflicted with tuberculosis

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6a) and both tuberculate and conical supernumeraries were extracted (Fig.
Integument: Body surface dull, roughly punctate, and in great part tuberculate; antennal segments I to III densely tuberculate; antennal segments I to IV, legs, and abdominal sterna clothed with short semidecumbent to decumbent silvery bristle-like setae; femora densely tuberculate.
Specimens (CORBIDI 010287-010288, 010290, 010296) show tuberculate skin on dorsum, areolate venter, tympanic membrane smooth, snout long, truncate in dorsal and lateral view, continuous dorsolateral folds, heels and tarsi without tubercles, and color of the venter with remarkable black or dark brown irregular-shaped spots on a creamy-white or white background.
nissolia seeds collected from different populations are tuberculate and smooth (Fig.
Achenes tuberculate, or pitted, rarely also pubescent.
Valve ornamentation from smooth to tuberculate (Figure 6a) in a single population; half of the specimens showed valve retention (Figure 6b), known in few species with benthic lifestyle, like Monospilus and Ilyocryptus, but uncommon in Chydoridae.
The outer face is slightly concave, and a tuberculate ornamentation is sometimes present in the area of the postcentral umbo.
large, tuberculate macroconidia in immitis fungal form seen in Ohio River Valley 18.
The external wall is densely covered with non-innervated microtrichia on the ventral and lateral surfaces whereas, dorsally, the wall texture lacks microtrichia and becomes tuberculate (Fig.
The odd behavior of a small tuberculate male Campostoma anomalum (stoneroller) in breeding color disrupted 10 spawning sequences between the resident male and several female Nocomis leptocephalus (chub).
Pleuronectid genus Lepidopsetta is distinguished by the following combination of characters in adults: lateral line with a high arch, 6-8 scale rows between highest point of arch and base of arch over the pectoral fin; supratemporal branch of lateral line with a moderately elongate posterior extension of up to 35 pored scales; mouth small, maxilla extending to anterior quarter of ventral orbit; expanded anteriormost anal pterygiophore ("anal spine") present, often projecting beyond body wall in damaged specimens; supraorbital pores present; scales on ocular side often tuberculate, especially on the head and anterior portion of body; scales on blind side always cycloid anteriorly.
associated with Douglas-fir tuberculate ectomycorrhizae.
Farmed abalone (Haliotis discuss; Haliotis parleamon, Haliotis rufescens, Haliotis tuberculate, and Haliotis spp.