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relating to or afflicted with tuberculosis

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Achene tuberculate and papillate; glabrous; hypogynium with 6 globose tubercles in distinct pairs 3.
Megaspores <575 gm; with thin-walled reticulate to almost spiny or low tuberculate and/or vermiform ornamentation.
Taxon Amphineuron Cyclosorus Frond venation anastomosing anastomosing covered capitate hairs, hispid, with glands with glands texture chartaceous herbaceous/ chartaceous Sporangia seldom glandular glabrous/ hispid Indusium indusiate indusiate Spore ornamentation tuberculate lophate Chromosome base number x = 36 x = 36 Taxon Dryopteris Lastrea Frond venation free simple/forked covered scales, with long few soft hairs flexible hairs.
Males that held these territories generally were larger, tuberculate, and strikingly colored with bright blue all along the body and head, and with some males possessing varying shades of yellow on the pelvic, pectoral, and dorsal fins.
124), have a fin-winged organization and are tuberculate over the locular area.
Huttoniidae) but apparently lacking rugose or tuberculate ornament (cf.
HDPE maintains optimum flow rates, does not tuberculate (form deposits of insoluble ferric hydroxide which occurs inside ductile and cast iron pipe), and has a high resistance to scale and biological build up.
In contrast, Lastreopsis and Parapolystichum have perispores with folds interrupted to form a tuberculate pattern, and the surfaces are smooth or nearly so (Fig.
Tuberculate setae are formed from dorsal elevation of puparial cuticle, ts slightly swollen on puparial surface and without articulating circle or groove, surface puffy, with ridges or grooves or minute tubercles, not smooth, gradually narrowing towards apex and forming a socket in which apical seta is fixed.
The carapace is low with the cephalic region uniquely elevated and the eyes more or less tuberculate.
The perine surface was tuberculate to ornate, or somewhat vermiculate on the proximal side.
However, the stipitate segments, tuberculate or regulate spore surfaces that lack "hieroglyphic marks" (Tryon and Lugardon, 1991), and peculiar geography of Pterozonium argue against it as the correct home for P.
Megaspores of L laosiensis have a tuberculate ornamentation on both the proximal and distal surfaces (Fig.
but the fossil pollen has tuberculate and punctate ornamentation,