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Synonyms for tubercular

relating to or afflicted with tuberculosis

Synonyms for tubercular

a person with pulmonary tuberculosis

constituting or afflicted with or caused by tuberculosis or the tubercle bacillus


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She said: 'My uncle was tubercular and terribly thin, with a rattling cough and unhealthy pallor.
I wandered about the museum, then Bob McBreen, who was minding the place, took me outside to another piece of Cave Creek history, the tubercular cabin.
Unfortunately, until this time, no medication of this category had any effect on tubercular bacteria.
The list included, famously, John Keats, who died in Rome, whence he had travelled, via Naples, on what became known as "the death ships", since these vessels carried the tubercular to Italy.
to isolate the tubercular (patient) as pleasantly as possible, from the general population.
At Papworth Sanatorium, the tubercular patients also lived outside in little wooden chalets in the grounds - ice cold little boxes for these fatally ill p eople, which contained a bed and a few basic sticks of furniture.
Inthe wake of Robert Koch's discovery of a tubercular microbe linked to tuberculosis, a flood of spurious remedies poured through the population.
It may be that he was tubercular from birth; it was certainly the first indication that the great Tudor dynasty was not to be blessed with many healthy sons.
Ridgeon hands Dubedat, the tubercular artist, over to an incompetent bungler, Sir Ralph Bloomfield Bonington (Tony Britton in superb form) simply because he is attracted to Dubedat's wife.
Accepting this Covent Garden commission, Weber travelled to fog-bound London to supervise and conduct its premiere, earning valuable funds to provide for his young family after the tubercular death he knew this venture would hasten.
It was well known that saliva mixed with dust carried the tubercular bacillus.
But for the tubercular teenager, there would be another opportunity.
In 2010, whilst in Central Jail, Faisalabad, Abdul Basit had contracted tubercular meningitis which has left him paralysed from the waist down.
All else--the failing firm, the losing army, the sinking (relation)ship, the tubercular body--falls away.
Tubercular tracheoesophageal fistulas in AIDS patients: Primary repair and no surgery required?