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a propagative part of a plant


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a fleshy underground stem or root serving for reproductive and food storage

type genus of the Tuberaceae: fungi whose fruiting bodies are typically truffles

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To confirm presence of bacterial wilt in potatoes, cut a tuber or the stem and suspend it in a glass of water for some time.
Tuber elevatireticulatum was found in Xitou in central Taiwan in 2017, the institute said.
The exported potato from Egypt remarkably increased in 2015, the total quantity exported were 632 thousand tons compared to the 289 thousand tons in 2012according to Agricultural Statistics Bulletin (2015),the exported Egyptian potato tuber is mainly produced from winter cultivation.
They have shown that against all conventional thinking, tuber crops and wheat can be substitutes to their traditional habit of rice consumption.
On average, the dry matter content of potato tuber is 20% and the large proportion (60 to 80%) of dry matter is composed of starches, making it a food rich in carbohydrates [4].
Tuber initiation is a complex process of potato development that involves the differentiation of stolons into storage organs called tubers, at which point the sink-source relationship of potato plant is reversed and tubers become the main sink, rather than growth and foliar development (HELDWEIN et al., 2009).
Results: The results showed that the methanol concentration of 15% gave the best effect in increasing the production of potatoes, namely: an increase in the number of tubers/plant from 11.71 into 15.43 fruit, tuber weight/plant from 278.40 into 326.97 g, diameter of the bulb 3.84 to 3.97 cm, and tuber production from 18.56 tons/ha to 21.85 t/ha.
Results of the interactive effect of genotypes x substrates on plant and tuber traits concluded that maximum germination (90.5 %), plant height (46.3 cm), micro tubers (212.7), small tubers (45.7), medium tubers (28.2), large tubers (10.2) and total tubers (296.8), maximum weight of micro (1491 g), small tubers (757.6 g), medium tubers (828.9 g), large tubers (483.7 g) and total tuber weight (3561) per unit area (1m-2) and total tuber yield (35.6 t ha-1) were found in TPS-9804 grown in the substrate of soil+sand+FYM.
Potato tuber undergoes physiological dormancy period during the storage.
The typical symptoms are characterized by appearance of black coloured sclerotia on the tuber surface and brownish necrotic lesions on stem and stolon which can kill the eyes, delay in emergence, increases tuber defects (cracks, misshapen, netted skin with reduced quality and market value (Fig.
PLAY THE TUBER: How can I talk about frost when the growing year is just beginning?
Editor Steven Tuber presents students, academics, and working mental healthcare professionals with a collection of academic essays and articles that together provide a comprehensive, case history-based training guide for working with children and adolescents in a wide variety of therapeutic contexts.
In Brief: Research at the USDA suggests that potatoes are still the go-to tuber when times get tough.