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a propagative part of a plant


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a fleshy underground stem or root serving for reproductive and food storage

type genus of the Tuberaceae: fungi whose fruiting bodies are typically truffles

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Tapioca also known as cassava is a tuber crop brought to Kerala by the Portuguese and is being cultivated there since then.
The tuber specific gravity, dry matter and starch contents are critical in determining the quantity and quality of both products of industries (starch) and processed foods (French fries and chips) [10, 11].
Nighttime temperatures below 17[degrees]C and daytime temperatures between 23 and 25[degrees]C are the most favorable for tuber production (HELDWEIN et al.
Keywords: b-tubulin gene, molecular phylogeny, morphology, VOCs, Tuber bellonae.
According to [10], the substrates of soil, and farmyard manure in equal ratio by volume were appropriate for seedling tuber production in nursery beds.
Potato tuber undergoes physiological dormancy period during the storage.
The typical symptoms are characterized by appearance of black coloured sclerotia on the tuber surface and brownish necrotic lesions on stem and stolon which can kill the eyes, delay in emergence, increases tuber defects (cracks, misshapen, netted skin with reduced quality and market value (Fig.
Spring plantation produce higher tuber yield than autumn and winter plantation although the temperature in autumn and winter plantation is more favorable for potato production which could be attributed to the quality of imported seeds is better than locally produced (diseases--physiological age) or because of the advantageous lag time in spring between solar radiation and temperature [3].
Editor Steven Tuber presents students, academics, and working mental healthcare professionals with a collection of academic essays and articles that together provide a comprehensive, case history-based training guide for working with children and adolescents in a wide variety of therapeutic contexts.
In Brief: Research at the USDA suggests that potatoes are still the go-to tuber when times get tough.
To increase the production and availability of yam during off-season, PhilRootcrops-VSU initiated a project titled, "Improvement of Yam Production System through Tissue Culture Derived Plantlets and Microtubers and Breaking Tuber Dormancy for Continuous Production of Planting Materials".
New research shows that potatoes--often cultivated as a rainfed crop with little or no irrigation--are still the go-to tuber when times get tough.
total emergence percentage, plant height, number of tubers per plant, tuber weight per plant, yield per hectare, TSS, tuber dry weight per plant) while, extremely high dose of SOP showed the poor results as compared to control for some of the parameters.
variety BP1 to determine the influence of plant population density and seed tuber size on the crop's physiological growth components and yield performance under optimal field conditions.
Because of these reports, we investigated the secondary metabolites of the tuber of maca.