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Synonyms for tuber

a propagative part of a plant


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a fleshy underground stem or root serving for reproductive and food storage

type genus of the Tuberaceae: fungi whose fruiting bodies are typically truffles

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Two cultural practices which greatly influence fresh tuber yield are spacing and fertilizer application [4].
The prompt removal of infected foliage can sometimes save the crop before the disease spreads to the tubers, as can drawing up the soil around the stems.
In both studies, 11-day drought cycles were applied before tuber formation and again 10 days after tuber formation began.
You can buy five of these tubers, one each of five different colours - pink, red, orange, yellow and white - for just PS8.
In both studies, 11-day drought cycles were applied before tuber formation began and around 10 days after tuber formation began.
Try mixing crops, growing sweet potatoes or yacon, a perennial tuber from South America which looks like a potato and is not so susceptible to common pests and diseases.
Because of these reports, we investigated the secondary metabolites of the tuber of maca.
So with select and determine cultivars with higher absorbent capacity and use efficiency, tuber yield increased with using less or adequate nitrogen, also it can prevent to excess consumption and wasted the cost associated with fertilizer, soil and underground water pollutions.
This will slow the crop down as the tuber has already expended so much energy producing the shoots.
Researchers at Cornell University, as well as the University of Goettingen and National University of Colombia, have found that when the spit of the tuber moth caterpillar gets into a tuber, all the other tubers of the plant grow bigger.
Store them in a dry, frost-free place until the soil has dried around the tuber.
Produce buyers for large national grocery outlets carefully scrutinize California potatoes for sunken and rotted tissue surrounding tuber lenti-cels, the small oval areas on the surface of a potato where air exchange occurs.
Truffles (Tuber Micheli ex Wiggers) are nevertheless an exception to this rule, since the calcareous and well drained soils of Mediterranean forests afford the required habitat for many Tuber species.
New genetic evidence supports the controversial notion that the lowly tuber propelled humans to the top of the evolutionary heap.