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constituting a tube

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Different-sized breasts (asymmetry), overly large and bulbous areolae, and long, tubelike breasts indicated the possibility of IGT, but not all women with one or more of these characteristics have difficulty producing milk, according to Australian Breastfeeding Association.
A figure appeared to be interfering with one of the lorries and holding a tubeLIKE hose.
He and his colleagues focused on the xylem tissue, which consists of tubelike elements that carry water and nutrients throughout the plant.
Water and the sugars made in the leaves travel up and down the plant through tubelike tissues in the stem.
They noted that the creepy-crawly has two main muscle groups for motion: circular fibres that wrap around the worm's tubelike body, and longitudinal fibres that run along its length.
They noted that the creepy crawler is made up of two main muscle groups: circular muscle fibers that wrap around the worm's tubelike body, and longitudinal muscle fibers that run along its length.
Each chain is considered to he embodied in a tubelike surrounding and executes movements along the tube axis by thermal energy (11).
Instead, they noticed relatively large tubelike structures spanning the entire width of the cells.
We found that As-transformed HBECs display highly migratory and invasive potentials, and the nude mouse xenograft tumors resulting from subcutaneous inoculation of As-transformed HBECs were capable of invading into surrounding fat tissues and forming tubelike structures.
DISCUSSION: Randallophorus keys roughly to Sthenaridea in Schuh (1984, as Paramixia; 1991) and Schuh and Schwartz (1988) based on the shared lack of scalelike setal patches and bands on the hemelytra, the simple slender antennal segment II, the scattered scalelike pleural setae, and the simple, tubelike endosoma lacking an apparent gonopore.
They keep the mountains clean," said Nunez, noting that an adult can quickly gulp down several pounds of decomposing flesh, using a tubelike neck to poke around inside a carcass.
Nanotubes are hollow, tubelike structures composed of carbon atoms.
Droga, 2009, is a hollow tubelike structure, made, like Blackened Word, from pieces of cedar meticulously assembled, here with a more pronounced feeling of something taken apart and then reassembled in a slightly skewed manner: At first glance the work appears to be a large piece of felled first growth.