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constituting a tube

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After Martin Pilhofer, a postdoctoral scholar in Jensen's lab, comprehensively imaged the system and conducted additional investigations, Mekalanos's group became convinced that the tubelike structures might actually help the bacteria translocate proteins.
Histological analysis revealed that the mouse xenograft tumors were capable of invading into surrounding fat tissues and forming tubelike structures [see Supplemental
They keep the mountains clean," said Nunez, noting that an adult can quickly gulp down several pounds of decomposing flesh, using a tubelike neck to poke around inside a carcass.
Droga, 2009, is a hollow tubelike structure, made, like Blackened Word, from pieces of cedar meticulously assembled, here with a more pronounced feeling of something taken apart and then reassembled in a slightly skewed manner: At first glance the work appears to be a large piece of felled first growth.
To create a cocoon, a caterpillar produces liquid protein from a spinneret, a tubelike structure on its lower lip.
Their plan calls for 200 tubelike structures, 400 feet long, that bob in the waves.
They're very tubelike," she said at last, and wiggled, piggishly.
There it joins a group of other tubelike fossils, some of which lived at the same time and in the same environments.
Tests may involve using an endoscope, a flexible tubelike instrument, to look inside your bowel, or an X-ray of your abdomen called a barium enema, which highlights inflamed or ulcerated areas of the colon
He cannot come to terms with the sight of publicly exposed black breasts, refers again and again to those "long, fleshy, tubelike teat[s]," "some reaching twelve or eighteen inches .
VGCF is a tubelike, vapor-grown fine carbon fiber having diameter of approximately 150 nanometers (nm: one billionth of a meter) and length of around 10 microns (micronmmeters: one millionth of a meter).
Vertical sleeve gastrectomy closes off and removes about 85% or more of the stomach and creates a thin, tubelike stomach, without bypassing the intestines.
One will enter the building through a round doorway into a tubelike wood lobby.