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constituting a tube

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EndoBarrier is a thin, flexible, tube-shaped liner that forms a physical barrier between food and a portion of the wall of the intestine.
Carbon nanotubes, tube-shaped carbon molecules, can also be used as transistors in circuits, and at dimensions of less than 10 nanometers.
Additionally, robust growth is expected for stick packs (small tube-shaped flat pouches), based on differentiation and material savings over conventional single portion configurations.
The S-tube impeller is a tube-shaped device placed in a pump housing that matches the smooth tube shape through the entire pump with no obstructions or dead zones through the hydraulic.
The S- tube impeller is a tube-shaped impeller in a pump housing that matches the tube shape through the entire pump.
While most MRI machines are tube-shaped, the Charit team developed a special "open" scanner, which provided the necessary room for midwives and the mother during the birth.
Additionally, there are two tube-shaped compartments below the comb, each holding two AA or three CR123 batteries.
In the tube-shaped exhibition space of the Kolnischer Kunstverein, a long procession of objects clustered, hung, and perched on plinths bore witness to a cheerily humorous take on sculpture that cleverly subverts a wide range of artistic conventions.
Rigatoni - ridged, tube-shaped pasta - has holes large enough to capture pieces of meat or vegetables in sauces.
n IT takes its name from the tube-shaped web it creates to snare its prey.
A hot-runner nozzle for direct side gating of multiple long, slim, or tube-shaped parts is new front Ewikon Molding Technologies Inc.
The set contains a tube-shaped sub-woofer speaker and two round speakers, all for a bargain pounds 48.
PC Steve Hinks said he found a toot on a whistle the most effective way of attracting the attention of cyclists he wanted to speak to Officers are being issued with silver referee-style whistles not the tube-shaped whistles commonly used by police officers before the 1970s.
The musicians laid inside a large, tube-shaped machine called a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) device.
The texture of both the long-cut spaghetti and tube-shaped penne rigate is unique," says the company's executive chef, Stacey DeHass.