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constituting a tube

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Caption: Figure 3: Sagittal view showing tube-shaped formations (red arrow) extending from the right retrovesical region to the mesogastrium, without any conveyance with the vesical lumen.
Manufacturing seamless niobium tubes and then bulge-molding the tubes (hydraulic molding: a molding method that places tube-shaped material in a metal mold within a sealed device and imposes high pressure on liquid injected inside the tube to bulge the material into the shape of the mold) will significantly reduce the need for welding, thereby increasing yields as well as avoiding a decline in acceleration performance.
And like the pork version, it usually comes in tube-shaped sausage casings.
The parasite, an elongate fly larva around two centimeters long, had undergone extreme changes over the course of evolution: The head is tiny in comparison to the body, tube-shaped with piercer-like mouthparts at the front.
Chunks of hard, brittle meteorite iron were repeatedly heated to red-hot temperatures and hammered to make tube-shaped beads, Rehren and colleagues report August 20 in the Journal of Archaeological Science.
The tube-shaped bead was found in 1911 at the Gerzeh cemetery, near Cairo, and is from between 3350 B.
Carbon nanotubes, tube-shaped carbon molecules, can also be used as transistors in circuits, and at dimensions of less than 10 nanometers.
The S-tube impeller is a tube-shaped channel impeller in a pump housing that matches the tube shape through the entire pump.
Additionally, robust growth is expected for stick packs (small tube-shaped flat pouches), based on differentiation and material savings over conventional single portion configurations.
The EndoBarrier is a thin, flexible, tube-shaped liner which forms a physical barrier between food and a portion of the wall of the intestine and the company said it has been clinically proven to lower HbA1c levels, achieve weigh loss of over 20% and improve other metabolic functions.
While most MRI machines are tube-shaped, the Charit team developed a special "open" scanner, which provided the necessary room for midwives and the mother during the birth.
Additionally, there are two tube-shaped compartments below the comb, each holding two AA or three CR123 batteries.
In the tube-shaped exhibition space of the Kolnischer Kunstverein, a long procession of objects clustered, hung, and perched on plinths bore witness to a cheerily humorous take on sculpture that cleverly subverts a wide range of artistic conventions.
Rigatoni - ridged, tube-shaped pasta - has holes large enough to capture pieces of meat or vegetables in sauces.
n IT takes its name from the tube-shaped web it creates to snare its prey.