tube well

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a well made by driving a tube into the earth to a stratum that bears water


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President of the Customer Healthcare Society Dr Asif Mehmood Jah said that these tube wells would provide clean drinking water to the peoples of the area.
agriculture tube wells in Punjab was in progress and a survey had
In a statement issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department, Mahmud said that energy audit of agriculture tube wells in Punjab was in progress and a survey had revealed that these tube wells were consuming 30 per cent extra electricity which he described as a national loss.
Through its solar tube well solutions, Reon has already initiated change in the agricultural sector.
Meanwhile, the owners of private irrigation tube wells have asked the bigwigs of district government to use influence for fixing a flat electricity rate for tube wells used for agriculture purposes.
Once the process is viewed by masses as 'right' and becomes successful, around 900,000 tube wells running on diesel would shift to biogas in Punjab and change farm productivity in the province.
FAISLABAD -- As Pakistan's agriculture sector is persistently facing the brunt of the energy crisis which has made it impossible for farmers to operate tube wells, a Netherlands-funded programme is promoting biogas as an alternate fuel to run tube wells.
Federal Minister for Power Division Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Laghari expressing his views said that Government is paying 23 billion rupees per years as subsidy for these thirty thousands tube well and their conversion to solar power will result in lessening burden on national exchequer.
One solar tube well would cost Rs 3 million and the federal government would provide 50 percent of the cost as subsidy to the farming community and remaining 50 percent cost would be borne by the farmer himself.
Sixteen million rupees will be spent on installation of tube wells while four million will be spent on construction of filtration plants.
ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Government and Government of Balochistan have agreed to conduct immediate feasibilities within one month time for installation of thirty thousands (30000) solar tube well by replacing the existing conventional tube wells.
Deep tube wells with new tube wells, Pump house & associated pipe line in lieu of existing tube wells at Kanpur & repairing of new CPC tube well and redevelopment of new CPC & Harish Ganj tube wells at Kanpur under ADEN/HQ/I/CNB (Civil Estt No.
The Sindh government has launched 11 schemes of installation of solar energy tube well and pumping stations through three different departments worth Rs7.
According to the officials of the Public Health and Engineering department, which supervised the project, overhead water tank was also constructed with each solar tube well.
ISLAMABAD -- Tube well of Sector G-14/4 has been restored and supply of water reinstated to the areas.