tubal ligation

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a sterilization procedure with women

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As a Catholic institution, Dignity claims that performing procedures such as tubal ligations at its hospitals would violate its "religious freedom.
2% of tubal ligation patients, required a reoperation within a year, yielding an odds ratio for Essure of 10.
Seven out of twenty cases (35%) underwent tubal ligation in the past.
Remaining 870 womenwere divided into two groups: group A, women who had undergone tubal ligation in the past; and group B, women without tubal ligation.
Results: Forty seven percent of patients presented with menorrhagia 28% presented with metrorrhagia 13% patients were having complaints of polymenorrhoea and 5% patients presented with dysmenorrhea and 7% had oligomenorrhoea after tubal ligation.
To evaluate the outcomes of and patient satisfaction with such procedures, researchers conducted a study in which four clinical officers, chosen on the basis of their general surgical expertise, received six weeks of training in tubal ligation, which included their performing at least 50 supervised surgeries.
concluded that length of cycle, menstrual irregularity, length of mensturation, flow volume, dysmenorrhea and hormone levels are similar in women with and without tubal legation, but parous women with a history of cesarean section and tubal ligation more than 5 years of age experienced a marginal increase in volume of menstrual flow compared with women who did not undergo tubal ligation.
Investigators compared levels of six cytokines-interleukin-1[beta] (IL-1[beta]), IL-6, Il-8, Il-12, IL-13, and tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] (TNF-[alpha])--in blood and peritoneal fluid obtained from women undergoing diagnostic laparoscopy for pain, infertility, tubal ligation, or sterilization reversal.
The company estimates that there are approximately 122,000 surgical tubal ligation procedures performed in Canada each year.
These services included abortions and sterilization procedures such as tubal ligation, which is the blocking of a woman's fallopian tubes to permanently prevent conception from occurring.
By the time the second child was born in 1991, Sue wanted a more reliable solution, a tubal ligation.
Unless a woman travels forty or fifty miles to the closest urban center, she won't be able to have a postpartum tubal ligation," he says.
Topics include vaginal birth after cesarean section, tubal ligation, and breast lumps.
Tubal ligation, another popular birth control method, also reduces ovarian cancer risk.
The Essure procedure, approved by the FDA in 2002, is a permanent birth control procedure that replaces tubal ligation for women.