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a noisy and vigorous or ranting public speaker

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Not every male columnist is a fire-breather, an instant expert, a tub-thumper, an obnox.
The similarities between 'coming out', as urged by gay activities, and being 'born again' as an evangelical tub-thumper are palpable.
Not only that, Sam has a press agent in tub-thumper Adrian Collins of The Standing Partnership.
In the realm of decline and fall, there is no more lurid tub-thumper than the Reverend Pat Robertson, who, in The New World Order, as Lind revealed, had cribbed from anti-Semitic wackos the argument that a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy has been rigging the course of American history for two centuries.
Keegan may have been the greatest self-promoter I have ever met, the most willing to integrate with the fans, and a tub-thumper par excellence - but he could also spit the dummy out.
tub-thumper but he was always prepared to clash heads to get things done.
The legendary tub-thumper, now 67, has been trying to find a new frontman since current incumbent Mal McNulty announced he wanted to leave the chart-topping Black Country heroes last spring.
He was a great thinker, he wasn't a Jim Telfer and tub-thumper and bang your head against the wall type.
The oh-so wistful English Rose is a measure of The Jam's emotional and instrumental breadth and illustrates Weller's ability to swap tub-thumper for heart-breaking balladeer.
And in a side-swipe at the Hindu religion, the tub-thumper declares: "If anybody understood what Hindus really believe, there would be no doubt that they have no business administering government policies in a country that favours freedom and equality.
NEWCASTLE Falcons' supporters have their chance to quiz the Kingston Park management at their annual tub-thumper tonight, but what are the burning questions?
His accomplished, polished all-round game allows him to be both tub-thumper and playmaker, and he will once again be central to Italy's plans.