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a noisy and vigorous or ranting public speaker

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Not every male columnist is a fire-breather, an instant expert, a tub-thumper, an obnox.
The similarities between 'coming out', as urged by gay activities, and being 'born again' as an evangelical tub-thumper are palpable.
Not only that, Sam has a press agent in tub-thumper Adrian Collins of The Standing Partnership.
In the realm of decline and fall, there is no more lurid tub-thumper than the Reverend Pat Robertson, who, in The New World Order, as Lind revealed, had cribbed from anti-Semitic wackos the argument that a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy has been rigging the course of American history for two centuries.
Dogged by mix-ups with guests, autocue fails and jokes that went down like lead balloons, it was also the February evening when big friendly giant Mick Fleetwood, the towering 6ft 5in Fleetwood Mac tub-thumper, dressed like a Mexican undertaker, had evidently drawn the short straw, in every sense, by being twinned with diminutive 5ft 1in glamour girl Samantha Fox - who looked like someone had melted a stick of rock on her head.
Personally, we always got on pretty well - I think he has a genuine desire to improve the industry not just over the next five years, but also the next 30 or 40 years." tub-thumper but he was always prepared to clash heads to get things done.
The legendary tub-thumper, now 67, has been trying to find a new frontman since current incumbent Mal McNulty announced he wanted to leave the chart-topping Black Country heroes last spring.
He was a great thinker, he wasn't a Jim Telfer and tub-thumper and bang your head against the wall type.
The oh-so wistful English Rose is a measure of The Jam's emotional and instrumental breadth and illustrates Weller's ability to swap tub-thumper for heart-breaking balladeer.
And in a side-swipe at the Hindu religion, the tub-thumper declares: "If anybody understood what Hindus really believe, there would be no doubt that they have no business administering government policies in a country that favours freedom and equality."
NEWCASTLE Falcons' supporters have their chance to quiz the Kingston Park management at their annual tub-thumper tonight, but what are the burning questions?
His accomplished, polished all-round game allows him to be both tub-thumper and playmaker, and he will once again be central to Italy's plans.