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a noisy and vigorous or ranting public speaker

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Not only that, Sam has a press agent in tub-thumper Adrian Collins of The Standing Partnership.
And in a side-swipe at the Hindu religion, the tub-thumper declares: "If anybody understood what Hindus really believe, there would be no doubt that they have no business administering government policies in a country that favours freedom and equality.
In the realm of decline and fall, there is no more lurid tub-thumper than the Reverend Pat Robertson, who, in The New World Order, as Lind revealed, had cribbed from anti-Semitic wackos the argument that a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy has been rigging the course of American history for two centuries.
tub-thumper but he was always prepared to clash heads to get things done.
The legendary tub-thumper, now 67, has been trying to find a new frontman since current incumbent Mal McNulty announced he wanted to leave the chart-topping Black Country heroes last spring.
England head coach Johnson knows all about tubby tub-thumper Goode's match-winning value, but picking pragmatism over progression holds no long-term gain.
He was a great thinker, he wasn't a Jim Telfer and tub-thumper and bang your head against the wall type.
The oh-so wistful English Rose is a measure of The Jam's emotional and instrumental breadth and illustrates Weller's ability to swap tub-thumper for heart-breaking balladeer.
The best scandal involved Rush Limbaugh, an anti-drugs talk radio tub-thumper, who turned out to be hooked on Oxycontin (known as "Hillbilly heroin").
His accomplished, polished all-round game allows him to be both tub-thumper and playmaker, and he will once again be central to Italy's plans.
Speaking in his Sydney Morning Herald column, Wallabies legend Matt Burke cranks up the importance of the coming series with an exciting tub-thumper and suggests that some might be overwhelmed by the occasion.
Grant was also full of praise for the band's drummer Mark Richardson, the former Skunk Anansie tub-thumper who stepped into the breach when Feeder's co-founder Jon Lee committed suicide in January 2002.
a semiliterate tub-thumper, a frontman for Zionist neo-cons whose goal is to conquer the world.
The Symphonie fantastique is an ever popular tub-thumper.
Delapaz has taken that policy an intriguing step further by switching from guitar to drums (he's no novice there, having filled in for Travis Barker when the blink-182 tub-thumper suffered a mid-tour injury).