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only extant member of the order Rhynchocephalia of large spiny lizard-like diapsid reptiles of coastal islands off New Zealand

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The tuatara has lived on Earth for some 200 million years, and is the only living example of the Sphenodontians that used to roam the planet.
They've certainly survived climate changes in the past, but most of them (past climate changes) have been at a slower rate," says Jennifer Moore, a Victoria University researcher who is investigating the tuatara.
We have been breeding Tuataras on the island and holding them in captivity for some time,'' he said.
The Department of Conservation wants to airdrop millions of pellets of rat poison on the island to kill the tens of thousands of Kiore it believes are threatening the existence of endemic animals such as the Tuatara lizard and the Giant Weta insect.
205 One remarkable example of a relict endemic group is provided by the tuataras (Sphenodon punctatus and S.
That's really what scientists call a reptile in the group that tuataras belong to.
Island Home Tuataras now live only on tiny islands of New Zealand--most in a nature preserve on Stephens Island.
In fact, the scientists who compiled the Red List were only able to fully assess three of the six reptile orders: the crocodilians, the testudines (turtles, tortoises, and terrapins), and the lizard-like tuataras, each of which ranked high in the number of threatened species - 43 percent, 38 percent, and 50 percent, respectively.
Scientists studying tuatara populations living on small, rocky islands, which are also inhabited by introduced Polynesian rats, believe that the rats compete with the earth-toned, spike-headed tuataras for food, and prey on their young.
It may involve defeat, as when Rhona ('Tuataras') goes overseas after an inappropriate affair with a married stock-broker and returns to live with her bachelor brother, who loves tuataras and wants to share them with her.
The Tuataras have a crest of spiky scales, called spines, on the center of their backs and tails, hence the name Spinyback," explained Howard Kalmer, owner of Via Pacifica Imports.
Washington, May 27 ( ANI ): Researchers have confirmed that the turtles are most closely associated to crocodilians and birds rather than to lizards, snakes, and tuataras.
Zardoya and Meyer explored this hypothesis by comparing the sequences of two mitochondrial genes from turtles to those of iguanas, tuataras, alligators, chickens, and mammals.
It's a real mystery to biologists how there can be any tuataras, given their low rate of speciation.