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only extant member of the order Rhynchocephalia of large spiny lizard-like diapsid reptiles of coastal islands off New Zealand

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We have been breeding Tuataras on the island and holding them in captivity for some time,'' he said.
For Tuatara Capital, the Willie's Reserve investment is representative of the type of attractive companies that are forming in this emerging industry.
The New Zealand tuatara (Sphenodon) is a lizard-like reptile that is the only survivor of a group that was globally widespread at the time of the dinosaurs.
Kea s chairman, Ian Gowrie Smith, said: In the event of an oil discovery at Tuatara, we are confident of the ability of operator AWE to progress the rapid development of the resource, bearing in mind its demonstrated prowess in doing so on the very successful offshore Tui oil field, further north in this basin.
In 1997, while working on a soundtrack demo, Martin and Buck formed Tuatara as a side project that also featured Justin Harwood, bassist for Luna, and Skerik, a Seattle sax player.
In fact, the scientists who compiled the Red List were only able to fully assess three of the six reptile orders: the crocodilians, the testudines (turtles, tortoises, and terrapins), and the lizard-like tuataras, each of which ranked high in the number of threatened species - 43 percent, 38 percent, and 50 percent, respectively.
Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall react as the prince handles a tuatara during a visit to the Orokonui <B Ecosanctuary in New Zealand yesterday
The study is the first genomic-scale analysis, addressing the Phylogenetic position of turtles, using over 1000 loci from representatives of all major reptile lineages which includes tuatara (lizard-like reptiles found only in New Zealand).
The reserve has a special predator-proof fence to protect native animals such as a rare reptile called the tuatara, a massive creepy-crawly called the Cook Strait giant weta and the cute little spotted kiwi.
It had all been going so well before her "beauty" treatment at the Sophy Robson nails party at Tuatara in Chelsea.
But a plane's forced landing with the cunning Shawn Morris aboard, and the finding of clay figures brings a mystery, blackmail, and danger for an endangered species, the tuatara, that have managed to survive in the trees and scrub atop Jelly Mountain.
Barry McHugh, who rode fourth-placed Tuatara Bay, was given a one-day ban (February 10) for using his whip with excessive frequency.
32 Ancient New Zealand reptile the tuatara famously has a vestigial third what on the top of its head?
The fossil remains of a sphenodontian, an ancient, lizardlike reptile, are helping span a 120-million-year data gap between its ancestors and today's tuatara, which are the sole survivors of a once prominent group.
Also on display and available for demo in MicroVision's private technology suite at the MGM Grand Hotel is the latest generation of its Project Tuatara prototype gun, created to explore the market opportunity for gaming applications enabled by the PicoP[R] laser display engine.