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(Yiddish) trouble and suffering

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"For Updike, Bech represents the Jewish-American literary scene, with its talents and its tsoris (trouble) wrapped into a single neurotic ball" (93).
The Hebrew word for "trouble" or "misfortune" is tsarah, but in both Judeo-Piedmontese and Yiddish the plural form is generally used as a collective noun, sarod and tsoris respectively.
The conflicts associated with the Iran bill, however, are small latkes to the kinds of tsoris we can expect once the Netanyahu government starts implementing its campaign promises.
(Watch for a new noun, "tsongas"' as the antonym for charisma; it echoes both tsoris and angst.)
My mind wasn't changed, and neither was his, and those whose sense of fairness dictates that goys should never make fun of Jews, or straights of gays, or whites of blacks, would be advised to avoid Another Antigone as a likely source of tsoris.