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utter 'tsk,' 'tut,' or 'tut-tut,' as in disapproval

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Takan claimed that the TSK said they would not hesitate to enter Jarabulus if the government ordered it, but any military operation should be planned properly, while the diplomats suggested that a new government, which will be formed in the coming days by the political parties in Parliament in line with the results of the June 7 general election, should make such a decision.
TSK is aware of its tasks," he said in his message.
A serious lack of any policies among opposition parties represented in Parliament, and among nongovernmental organizations, to bring the TSK under civilian democratic control also plays a crucial role in the failure to adjust civil-military relations in favor of the former.
Stressing that TSK was and would continue to be a party when it came to the defense of the nation state and its unitary structure.
Erdoy-an in particular, along with his AKP government, has been exerting pressure on the TSK to also initiate a purge within the military among officers they claim to be members of the GE-len movement.
Both the Noy Fund and the TSK Group will assume, each according to its relative holding, all of the rights and responsibilities previously borne by Abengoa (as defined in the projects agreements, including the Financial Closing Agreement) as a shareholder in the Concessionaire, the Building Contractor and the Operating Contractor.
However sources within the TSK expressed uneasiness over Yylmaz's unsubstantiated allegations stating, on the condition of anonymity, "The TSK would never tolerate the formation of any structure that is based on a sectarian or community-based ideology.
The TSK operates within the rule of law and acts accordingly," Euzel said.
Basbug also said there were malicious propaganda campaigns showing TSK as "anti-religious" to influence particularly the devout segments of the society.
The special reasons for the tension between the TSK and the government are as follows: the AKP policy regarding the Kurdish settlement process and the AKP's efforts to pull the TSK into the matter upon the collapse of the process.
However, E[currency]ahin, who is also among the founders of the Nation and Justice Party (MyLAD), argued that a high-ranking MyT official had called a high-level TSK official and given him false intelligence, claiming that a senior PKK commander who uses the codename Bahoz Erdal had crossed over the Turkish border, prompting the TSK to stage an air strike on Kurds engaged in smuggling.
Tenders are invited for From Outer Signal Of Tskg Upto Outer Signal Of Tsk Including Drm Colony And Tskg Colony.
Generally during YAE[currency] meetings the TSK and the government also decide on promotions and retirements within the military.
Yet, it is understood that the TSK has been deliberately limiting its role in Turkey's overall Syrian policy due to its reservations over the alleged role of the Turkish government via MyT in assisting radical terrorist groups such as al-Nusra and the IS fighting against the Assad regime in Syria.
Yet, the measure does not envisage any reduction in the high number of generals within the TSK -- 358 -- which can widely be interpreted as a concession made by the government to the top command.