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the wife or widow of a czar

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In fact, the two most influential advisers to the tsaritsa, both of whom were of German ancestry, pursued the goal of Anglo-Russian alliance using opposing methods.
BG322, Children%s Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation and Long-term Treatment of Pulmonary Diseases - Tsaritsa Yoanna EOOD, 49, Breza Street, Vietnam 5350, Tryavna
Martin, "Anna Koltovskaia: A Russian Tsaritsa," in Portraits of Old Russia, 3-13.
The fact that in the early 1660s there were nine unmarried tsarevny in the royal palace, and that the new wife of Tsar Aleksei, Tsaritsa Natal'ia Kirillovna Naryshkina, was younger than several of them, alters the interpretation of the clash between the members of the new tsarita's clan (the Naryshkins) and the previous inlaws (the Miloslavskiis) that eventually led to Tsarevna Sofiia's regency (45).
In particular, she has been heavily criticized for her recognition of the Second False Dmitrii as her husband, a decision which has been attributed to her overweening ambition to regain her briefly held position as tsaritsa.
15) Isolde Thyret used the icons "Veneration of the Cross" (17th century) and "The Tree of the Russian Realm" (1668), among others, and frescoes from the Golden Palace of the Tsaritsy (16th-17th century) in the Moscow Kremlin to show the importance of the tsaritsa and of female intercession at the Moscow court.
Contract notice: "delivery of cochlear implants for umhat" tsaritsa yoanna - isul "ead"
Chemezov wrote to Menshikov to ask whether it would be in order to fire a cannon salute from the Peter-Paul Fortress to greet the arrival of Tsaritsa Ekaterina Alekseevna.
Contract award notice: Supply of specialized medical equipment for the needs of umhat tsaritsa yoanna - isul ead in three separate positions.
Contract award notice: Delivery of medical sewing material for umhat tsaritsa yoanna - isul ead
Tenders are invited for "Delivery of net active electrical energy and coordinator of a standard balancing group for the needs of the hospital" Tsaritsa Yoanna - Provadia "EOOD, Prodavya"
The subject of the public procurement is "supply of net electricity from a contractor, Coordinator of a standard balancing group, With full administration of the information flow with eso and assuming the costs of imbalances for the needs of umhat" tsaritsa yoanna-isul "ead.
Tenders are invited for "Improvement of the working conditions in the hospital" TsARITSA YOANNA-ISUL "EAD by carrying out construction works at the elevator"