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the wife or widow of a czar

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In fact, the two most influential advisers to the tsaritsa, both of whom were of German ancestry, pursued the goal of Anglo-Russian alliance using opposing methods.
The different methods by which these two advisers to the tsaritsa pursued the same goal resulted in endless confusion and delay for Lord Forbes and his mission.
Though based on the observations of an "outsider," the record of the disputes between the tsaritsa's closest advisors regarding the most effective method by which to engage the British representatives in political, as well as commercial, negotiations provides a unique view of the personalities at the Russian court during this period.
In Count Biron's opinion, if Russia engaged in a military dispute in Poland, the tsaritsa would be well advised to cultivate as close a relationship as possible with the British court.
Although he understood that his government strictly forbade him to sign any type of political alliance, Forbes believed that he could use the Russian desire to conclude a defensive agreement to induce the tsaritsa's advisers to negotiate a commercial treaty.
The Tsaritsa reconstructs the past form of her life in her present circumstances."
It is not until June 23 in Yekaterinburg that the Tsaritsa observes punctuality again noting that she: "Got up at 6.30 - now 8.30", (the Bolsheviks had issued a decree instituting daylight-saving time).
In a sense, the Tsaritsa attempts to preserve a life-style she could understand in the midst of what was political chaos.
But the Tsaritsa's diamond bracelets proved impossible to get off her wrists and also the Tsar's engagement ring.
On June 23 the Tsaritsa records the weather conditions, the Romanovs walked in the grounds under supervision and in England Princess Victoria, their cousin, had a birthday.