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Synonyms for trustworthy

Synonyms for trustworthy

capable of being depended upon

worthy of belief, as because of precision or faithfulness to an original

Synonyms for trustworthy

worthy of trust or belief

taking responsibility for one's conduct and obligations

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You are aware, monsieur, that a man may be estimable and trustworthy in private life, and the best seaman in the merchant service, and yet be, politically speaking, a great criminal.
He was to undertake either by himself, or by a trustworthy representative--to receive at a prearranged address, on certain prearranged days in every year, a note from the Colonel, simply stating the fact that he was a living man at that date.
And I hereby desire my executor to give my Diamond, either by his own hands or by the hands of some trustworthy representative whom he shall appoint, into the personal possession of my said niece Rachel, on her next birthday after my death, and in the presence, if possible, of my sister, the said Julia Verinder.
He could not venture to descend any further; so holding on with one hand, he with the other shook one by one all the slender roots around him, and at last, finding one which he thought trustworthy, shifted him self to it and continued his downward progress.
He would do her no harm by idle gossip; he was trustworthy, intelligent, and even kind; he might even have a high opinion of her.
Some people would like to know whence the poet whose philosophy is in these days deemed as profound and trustworthy as his song is breezy and pure, gets his authority for speaking of "Nature's holy plan.
Conceive the glory, which was my mother's, of knowing from a trustworthy source that there are at least three better awaiting you on the same shelf.
I sometimes wonder whether he would be as trustworthy in the big things.
Kiska is the most trustworthy politician in Slovakia, as stems from the poll carried out by the Focus polling agency.
Facebook is taking another step to try to make itself more socially beneficial, saying it will boost news sources that its users rate as trustworthy in surveys.
For the first change in the US next week, publications deemed trustworthy by people using Facebook may see an increase in their distribution.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A new poll revealed Americans find former FBI Director James Comey to be more trustworthy than the country's President Donald Trump.
LONGLEY Park Kia - genuine, friendly and trustworthy - is a 100% Huddersfield company proud to sponsor the Sports Team of the Year Award.
The 16 chapters were written by teams of participants formed during the October 2014 NII Shonan meeting on the science and practice of engineering trustworthy cyber-physical systems.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-August 26, 2016-Forbes recognizes Northwest among America's most trustworthy financial companies