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Synonyms for trustful

inclined to believe or confide readily


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Less guarded and more trustful? How can I, imperceptibly, have changed, I wonder!
Meriem, trustful now, stood at his side, Geeka clutched in one slim, brown hand.
Her eyes now were imploring, soft, and at the same time trustful, caressing, timid.
A young priest, with a simple and trustful heart, performed the duties of the church of that convent.
The fact seemed an additional appeal to his pity: such innocence was as moving as the trustful clasp of a child.
If you were more trustful, it would better befit your time of life.
The dreams of childhood - its airy fables; its graceful, beautiful, humane, impossible adornments of the world beyond: so good to be believed in once, so good to be remembered when outgrown, for then the least among them rises to the stature of a great Charity in the heart, suffering little children to come into the midst of it, and to keep with their pure hands a garden in the stony ways of this world, wherein it were better for all the children of Adam that they should oftener sun themselves, simple and trustful, and not worldly-wise - what had she to do with these?
At length she drew me towards herself--a trustful smile playing over her features; and then, as suddenly, she pushed me away again as she eyed me dimly.
"Thank you, count, it is some comfort to meet with a heart like yours, that is to say, sufficiently trustful in God and in monarchy, never to despair of a royal fortune, however low it may be fallen.
He saw himself trustful, generous, liberal, patient, easy, pocketing frequent irritation and furnishing unlimited modesty.
D'Artagnan, deceived, did him honor; but D'Artagnan, trustful and reliant, made him feel ashamed.
In recent years, thanks to the efforts and friendly relations of two heads of state, relations between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan have reached a new level of trustful relations.
This proposal by the Azerbaijani side confirmed trustful and friendly relations with Russia," Gasimov said.
MHPS said it has been providing after-sales service for the facilities at both plants, and has been growing a 'trustful relationship' with its customer.
Liebherr and Mac Port are celebrating 10 years of trustful cooperation.