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a dependent country

the position of trustee

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At the end of this analysis of the possibility of a trusteeship agreement over Western Sahara, there is a need to make some factual, strategic and legal considerations.
2) As the search for more effective responses to state failure widens, scholars and policymakers have with increasing vigor endorsed variations of trusteeship, an old international legal architecture designed to perform governance and state-building functions when a sovereign state is incapacitated.
Members feared if bosses were given trusteeship, they would become the landlord and it may be difficult for the club to survive.
Trusteeship is not a role to be taken lightly, considering its potential for difficulty, stress, and loss.
Nell Newman and Peter Meehan's contribution of organic products takes Paul's business model another step closer to global trusteeship.
Schoonderwoerd believes prospective trustees need an open mind and to remember the bigger picture--that trusteeship is about raising achievement for all the children in the school, as well as considering the relationship of the school with the community and as part of the education system as a whole.
Also, there are stricter guidelines governing how the company can invest the funds it holds in trusteeship on behalf of the participating individuals.
When the United Nations itself was created, it allowed for the creation of an international trusteeship council under Chapter XII of the U.
proposed a UN trusteeship for Palestine as a possible means to provide for a peaceful transition from the end of the British Mandate for Palestine into a new governmental entity that would provide equality under the law for all of its citizens.
They do not always share the position of the parent who is serving a sentence, claiming to communicate with children, and the guardianship and trusteeship bodies.
The ICJ is one of the six main organs of the UN, which also include the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, the Security Council and the UN Secretariat.
Also, leading figure of the Former Political Detainees group Pagan Amum dismissed reports in the Social Media claiming that the delegation is visiting Washington to call for UN to place South Sudan under the United Nations trusteeship.
By using the United Nations (UN) Trusteeship system as a framework for enabling the continued international relevance, the two deterritorialized nations can continue to provide for their peoples.
Mamdani, who was a member of the African Union Commission of Inquiry under the leadership of former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo, which investigated the causes of the civil war that broke out in December 2013, says AU trusteeship would oversee the appointment of a few executives to conduct a constitutional review; and establish an independent judicial system which would prepare the country for a general election.
He drew attention to the recent attempts of some circles to condemn the Sudan in the Human Rights General Assembly in Geneva in order that the assembly would impose trusteeship on the Sudan, pointing out that the Sudanese press is currently enjoying a better situation, noting that the press precedes the parties in defending the public freedoms of the press.