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Synonyms for trustee

Synonyms for trustee

a person (or institution) to whom legal title to property is entrusted to use for another's benefit

members of a governing board

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Each trustee has a strong knowledge of municipal government and how the property tax system works.
1037 (2018), in which the trustee, Ara Eresian, initially had petitioned the single justice of the SJC to exercise its general superintendence powers and resolve the question.
The NJCCC award, named after long-time Rowan College at Burlington County Trustee Ronald Winthers, is awarded to long-time trustees who have made contributions to their community colleges.
In this case, plaintiffs argued that it was not prudent for BNY Mellon to reallocate $15 million from one cash account to another, an investment decision that made no sense in the context of the plan and the direction given: “No prudent trustee could have thought Wellspan wanted to pointlessly transfer millions of dollars from account to account only to end up in the very same money market fund.”
There are a whole host of things that make a good trustee. Many, for example, will have been recruited for their specific skill set, like finance or marketing for example, but a good trustee also brings with them other life and business skills - such as communication, negotiation, leadership - as well as personal experience, which all helps in informing the decision-making process.
TRUSTEES of the ethnic minority charity Awema failed to manage its resources responsibly, an investigation by the Charity Commission has concluded.
Maybe it's good news that a trustee can only be found liable for breaching a duty of care that is owed to a beneficiary': A trustee cannot be removed from the office, surcharged or be forced to disgorge their compensation unless the beneficiary can prove the trustee has breached a duty of care.
If the family home is jointly owned, the Trustee will want to know the value of the equity in the house and what the bankrupt's share of that equity was at the time he or she was made bankrupt.
Bator, a Boston Trustee and trusts and estates lawyer who works in a multi-family trustee office, and Seely, a trusts and estates lawyer, describe the work of individuals who serve as professional trustees in Boston, known as Boston Trustees, a practice that began in the early 19th century to pass on the new wealth of families.
We expect the trustee panel to increase the profitability of the companies and improve economic standards [for employees]," said Davut SuE-ehirli, an executive at the Confederation of Action Workers' Unions.
The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) wishes to congratulate Mr Mihe Gaomab II on his election as the new Chairman of the GIPF Board of Trustees on 02 September 2014.
(In re Nachson Draiman), that the appointment of an interim trustee within two years of the order for relief does not trigger the additional one-year extension of the statute of limitations, even when the interim trustee later assumes the role of the permanent trustee.
She said: "I would also really encourage people to consider becoming a trustee, as without them so many worthwhile activities would be lost.
Beneficiaries have two ways to assert a claim against a trustee. Beneficiaries can sue a trustee, or they can object to documents filed by the trustee and ask the court to hold a trustee liable for an investment loss.