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a federal agent who engages in trust busting

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WASHINGTON The bets are on: Can EchoStar topper Charlie Ergen convince regulators and trustbusters to approve the proposed merger with DirecTV?
He also offers a reading of all three, and especially of Woodrow Wilson, whom Sklar shows to be no naive trustbuster, that is likely to influence classroom lectures on the federal politics of antitrust for a very long time.
Wilke & Bryan Gruley, Taking on Titans: Trustbuster Joel Klein, Once Viewed as Timid, Faces a Very Full Plate--The Microsoft Battle is Big, But it's Only One of Many as Megamergers Pile up--A Run-in With Mrs.
The way the Citicorp deal was set up, Travelers made the matrimonial proposal, which is legal, since the Federal Reserve, headed by fearless trustbuster Alan Greenspan, can issue a five-year waiver allowing uninhibited violations of Glass-Steagall.
Perhaps what we really need is another trustbuster like Teddy Roosevelt to take on both the criminal and the corporate cartels.
I was a mediocre student, yet one of my professors--a New Deal trustbuster, Louis B.
George Stigler, who was a staunch defender of the Sherman Act throughout his career and even an immoderate trustbuster in his youth, noted this triumph of pure reason and passionate belief over cold, gray fact.
177) For example, Sir Leon Brittan, vice president of the EEC Commission responsible for competition policy and somewhat of a trustbuster, has given reassurance.
For instance, another way regulation has historically helped support open markets is by promoting competition-such as through the framework of antitrust enforcement created by the trustbusters of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.
Trustbuilders and trustbusters - The role of trust cues in interfaces to e-commerce applications, in B.
Asian trustbusters, therefore, have more challenging tasks ahead.
And while on occasion the American host population once again rebelled against corporate abuses--Theodore Roosevelt and the trustbusters, and Franklin D.
Twice US trustbusters have raised concerns that the communications protocol licensing program has turned out to be an ineffective tool," points out Jupiter Research analyst Joe Wilcox.
In fact it was the ghost of trustbusters past in the form of the 1921 Martin Act that enabled Spitzer to throw down the gauntlet on Wall Street.