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a federal agent who engages in trust busting

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Arnold's work as a "trustbuster" in the Department of Justice explicitly offers such an opportunity, insofar as it represents his moment in the public spotlight, attempting to gain political support for a difficult struggle against powerful, allegedly anticompetitive firms.
Ochs of the New York Times, shunned publicity and made sure that their names appeared only on their mastheads, Hearst employed the power of the media to set the national political agenda, first as a muckraking, progressive trustbuster, then, in his seventies, as an opponent of the New Deal and a stalwart anti-Communist.
as a trustbuster. And indeed, he did crusade against the transit, milk
Rockefeller in this construction, and Assistant Attorney General Joel Klein reprises the role of a Progressive-era trustbuster. The analogy is not entirely fanciful; Microsoft is indeed an important case.
At least two editions of his novels issued during the first decade of the new century - a New York Book Company edition of Joe's Luck and a Street and Smith edition of Tom Brace - pictured Theodore Roosevelt on the cover, though Alger had died before the Great Trustbuster assumed the presidency and had not referred to him in any of his fiction.
Roosevelt's control over the economy grew, along with his reputation as a "trustbuster," with 40 antitrust suits during his two terms as president.
His handpicked successor, William Taft, actually turned out to be a better trustbuster, although Roosevelt was still gravely disappointed in his performance, prompting him to bolt from the Republican Party in 1912 to run as an independent and make possible the election of Woodrow Wilson--surely the most momentous act of Roosevelt's career.
But at least one prominent Washington trustbuster didn't buy Ergen's argument.
He also offers a reading of all three, and especially of Woodrow Wilson, whom Sklar shows to be no naive trustbuster, that is likely to influence classroom lectures on the federal politics of antitrust for a very long time.
Wilke & Bryan Gruley, Taking on Titans: Trustbuster Joel Klein, Once Viewed as Timid, Faces a Very Full Plate--The Microsoft Battle is Big, But it's Only One of Many as Megamergers Pile up--A Run-in With Mrs.
The way the Citicorp deal was set up, Travelers made the matrimonial proposal, which is legal, since the Federal Reserve, headed by fearless trustbuster Alan Greenspan, can issue a five-year waiver allowing uninhibited violations of Glass-Steagall.
Perhaps what we really need is another trustbuster like Teddy Roosevelt to take on both the criminal and the corporate cartels.
George Stigler, who was a staunch defender of the Sherman Act throughout his career and even an immoderate trustbuster in his youth, noted this triumph of pure reason and passionate belief over cold, gray fact.
I was a mediocre student, yet one of my professors--a New Deal trustbuster, Louis B.