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a dependent country

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Demographic and disease-related data were abstracted for January 1990-October 2009 NHDP surveillance and clinical records of cases that identified patients' place of birth as the former Trust Territory (Marshall Islands or Micronesia).
Control passed to Japan in 1914 and then to the United States under UN auspices in 1947 as part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.
6) The UNGA votes on and adopts a 'unification resolution', calling on the UN Trusteeship Council (which was slated for abolition in 2005, despite its anti-colonization mandate) to draw up a 'Trusteeship Agreement' for the new 'UN Trust Territory of the Levant', encompassing the entirety of historic Palestine.
September 17, 1991 - The Marshall Islands was part of the Trust Territory of Pacific Islands (administered by the United States) and gained independence as a former colony.
As observed in the Commentary on the UN Charter: "A trust territory becomes a strategic territory if the trusteeship agreement says so" (35).
Arizona Department of Economic Security, was appointed representative to Region Nine, which includes Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Guam, Trust Territory of the Pacifica Islands and American Samoa.
its possessions, the territories formerly known as Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, Canada and Mexico.
The Compact of Free Association between the United States and the Federated States of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands allows residents of the two former Trust Territory nations to freely move anywhere within the United States.
The United States acquired Micronesia as a trust territory in 1945 following its liberation from the Japanese.
The United States was to administer the TTPI under the obligation of "promoting the development of the inhabitants of the trust territory toward self-government or independence.
Beyond being a four-time governor of his native American Samoa, Peter Coleman also served as administrator of the Marshall and Mariana Islands, and Deputy High Commissioner of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.
In 1961, the self-governing UN Trust Territory of Southern Cameroons under British administration voted in a plebiscite to join the Republic of Cameroon to form a federal republic.
Cameroon was originally occupied by Germany, before being divided between Britain and France after the First World War, firstly as a League of Nations mandated territory and then as a United Nations Trust Territory after 1945.
In 1906 Britain handed over to Australia control of another colony, Papua, which formed the southern part of the island of New Guinea; and later German-controlled New Guinea, including Bougainville, became a United Nations Trust Territory administered by Australia.
to designate South West Africa as a trust territory.
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