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a written instrument legally conveying property to a trustee often used to secure an obligation such as a mortgage or promissory note

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The three-column headline on the first page made the reader believe that the trust deed was okay and 'was not fabricated'.
Begum Attiya Fyzee and her husband Samuel Fyzee were allotted a piece of land in Burns Garden where they in 1952 constructed a building known as Aiwan-e-Riffat along with all valuable collections and treasures of art and culture and later gifted it to the citizens of Karachi under a trust deed.
This binding document may be a family constitution, a shareholder's agreement or a trust deed.
Rather, the proceeds from the winning bid are applied, among other things, to pay the obligation secured by the trust deed, without regard to whether those proceeds are in the form of "credits" derived from the lender's winning bid or cash derived from a third-party's winning bid.
But diocesan communications officer David Hammond Williams said that under the terms of the trust deeds and charity law, the property has to be sold on the open market to the highest bidder.
We note that Ranhill Powertron has adopted a more stringent formula for the computation of the Finance Service Coverage Ratios (FSCRs) under its financial covenants based on the Trust Deed.
A Spokesperson from Trust Deed Scotland Company, Scottish Trust Deed commented by saying;
DARA, through its borrower advocacy program, was able to reach an amicable conclusion with the bank and junior trust deed lender and extend the original $6,000,000 loan by an additional 12 years.
In a trust deed dating back to June 1924 cycling was only allowed with permission, however later children were allowed to ride bikes.
A 100-year-old clause in a trust deed could become the focal point in a row over a housing development.
Pak Oman Asset Management Company Limited (POAMCL) and MCB Financial Services Limited (MCBFSL) have signed a trust deed with MCBFSL acting as trustee for POAMCL's two upcoming funds: Pak Oman Cash Fund (POCF) and Pak Oman Government Securities Fund (POGSF).
Irving, Texas-based BSI Financial Services, a provider of mortgage subservicing, default solutions, loan quality control and business process outsourcing services, has established a strategic alliance with Concord, California-based Standard Trust Deed, a privately held foreclosure processing company to offer foreclosure processing services.
It's possible the trust deed you mention will spread the tax burden or remove it altogether if your parents were beneficiaries.
A new trust deed for Highbury, agreed with the Charities Commission, allows Chamberlain House, Park Lodge, some homes and land to be sold.
Section 157V of the amended Act provides that the deposit taker and trustee must ensure that a maximum limit on exposures to related parties prescribed by regulation is incorporated in the trust deed.