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Synonyms for trussed

bound or secured closely


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Only the lean little Mary, trussed for the cooking, staring through her wide eyes of fear, saw the boy pick Jerry up by his tied legs and carry him out and away from the booty of meat of which she was part.
It appears he sat twenty-four hours when I left HIM trussed up, but he said twelve would content him in my case, as there was certain death at the end of them, and I mightn't have life enough left to appreciate my end if he made it longer.
The suggested analytical model was developed in [9, 10], based on an experimental program carried out on a three-point bending tests of hybrid steel trussed concrete beams designed in order to attain a shear failure.
Indeed, triangular trusses with differing structural configurations will exhibit respective torsional performances, and thus, the proposed modular composite triangular truss will show extraordinary structural behavior controlling the design of the FRP trussed members and connectors when subjected to an off-axis load.
The suspension bridge may well be one of the oldest forms of bridges in the world, but the railway bridge shown in the photo isn't a suspension bridge, but a trussed girder bridge.
The flexural deflection of a trussed pedestrian bridge subjected to dead load and live load of 3924 N/[m.sup.2] was L/416, which met the code criteria of L/300.
The Trussed Rafter Association, in collaboration with HSE, has developed a product datasheet entitled 'Health & Safety policy for the loading, haulage, delivery and erection of trussed rafters on site--a definition of responsibilities'.
Framing is typically only a problem in trussed roofs, but, says veteran remodeler Les Deal of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, "All of the houses I'm working on have trusses."