truss bridge

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a bridge supported by trusses

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TDOT permanently dosed the old 1929 truss bridge to all traffic on January 9, 2012.
916/985-2665) and pedal all the way around Lake Natoma, crossing the Historic Truss Bridge (pictured) at the end.
The bridge was a truss bridge, with no underwater pylons, which effectively means the entire structural support is focused on the two ends of the bridge, with no redundancies existing-meaning that if there were any sort of stress exerted on a source in the bridge, the entire thing would collapse.
A dial gage (Mitutoyo 3058F) was installed at the midspan under the truss bridge, and the flexural deflection was recorded every day for the first week, every 3 days for the following 3 weeks, and every week for the rest of the time until unloaded at the end of 6 months.
County councillors attending next Wednesday's meeting of the Nuneaton and Bedworth Area Committee will be asked to approve the replacement of the footbridge, linking Hilary Road with Blackatree Road, with a new steel truss bridge.
Recently, the company completed work on a 1,100-foot-long truss bridge located in Owego, NY, spanning the Susquehanna River.
A truss bridge uses triangle supports that make it very strong, so it needs less piers.
Residents of The Mews will also benefit from its close proximity to downtown Clinton, noted for its historic shopping area, cherry tree-lined streets, and old truss bridge spanning the Raritan River.
The steel-deck truss bridge spans a 1,200-foot-wide gap of the precipitously steep gorge, and it is pedestrian-friendly.
Tenders are invited for Construction of 2 no folding Bridges of Span 12M & 15M Complete as per Drawing with supply & Febrication of the Steel Truss Bridge under Restoration & Reconstruction of Munsiyari Milam Dung Trek Route under Tourism Infrastructure.
The new 30-million-pound (14-million-kilogram) steel truss bridge is 2,428 feet (740 meters) long and 40 feet (12 meters) wide--twice as wide as the old bridge--with two 12-foot (3.
The steel truss bridge "lacks a redundancy among its components, which makes the bridge susceptible to partial or total collapse should any one of those components fail," the magazine said.
Southern Star's interstate natural gas transmission pipeline was impacted when yesterday's tornado hit the Old Truss Bridge near where I-44 crosses the Canadian River.
In regard to the structure of single-track composite truss bridge, the max force is about 9000 kN.