truss bridge

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a bridge supported by trusses

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TDOT permanently dosed the old 1929 truss bridge to all traffic on January 9, 2012.
That caused a partial collapse of the 58-year-old steel truss bridge and sent three vehicles into the water below.
Both bridges will be galvanized steel truss bridges.
The projects involved rehabilitation of two single-span truss bridges on Higginsville Road that together form the crossing of the south branch of the Raritan River between Hillsborough and Readington townships.
A truss bridge uses triangle supports that make it very strong, so it needs less piers.
The steel-deck truss bridge spans a 1,200-foot-wide gap of the precipitously steep gorge, and it is pedestrian-friendly.
Scope of the project includes demolishing the current two-lane swing span steel truss bridge and replacing it with a wider steel girder bridge to allow boats to travel underneath without disrupting traffic.
The new 30-million-pound (14-million-kilogram) steel truss bridge is 2,428 feet (740 meters) long and 40 feet (12 meters) wide--twice as wide as the old bridge--with two 12-foot (3.
The truss bridge already is cut in two pieces down the middle length.
Though it was a truss bridge that collapsed in Minnesota last summer, the Springfield bridges are not considered at risk.
The existing truss bridge over the Erie Canal will be removed and replaced by a fourlane truss bridge with sidewalks on the existing location.
BUELLTON - Demolition of a collapsed steel truss bridge on Highway 246 is complete and a similar temporary bridge linking Lompoc and Buellton will be completed next week.
A truss bridge uses triangle-shaped supports above or below the bridge deck.